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    Scams or attacks on forum

    So, today I turn on my computer and my rwf icon is flashing, evidently I have 3 private messages (a few minutes apart) from someone not in the members list... when clicking to see who it is, a normal window opens then a box saying the sender has requested a ' read receipt' .... So, yeah, as if...
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    thread from airboat forum, affects Floridians

    As stated, I found this thread on my airboat forum and too me, it looks like it could cause grief to Florida gyro fliers as well? If they start cluttering up east of Orlando, it could make it extremely constricting for gyro flying, so I thought I would bring it to your attention..... if it is...
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    Unmanned Vehicles Australia

    There seems to be so much happening in the 'unmanned world' I am not sure anyone will be flying anything in the future? It seems that airliners, ships, trucks. trains, boats and submarines will all be driven from small closets in hi-rise apartments in the near future.... I don't like it much...
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    Far Superior CFI's?

    Which CFI do you think is Far Superior.:cool:... or even Far Inferior:eek: and why? What made you choose the instructor you did? Proximity to you? Recommendation from others? what's the story?
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    # blade rotor system? Question for Chuck Beaty

    Chuck, (or others with 3 or more blade experience) What was the flight differences between our normal 2 blade system and your 3 blade setup? Were more blades more drag and a slower machine? Were they more lift? The machine seemed to fly very well, why did you not persue 3 blade systems? If your...
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    From Australia, 911 thinking of you guys

    Just wanted to say that us Aussies also remember 911 and what a tragic day it was, for America and the rest of the caring world. I hope you are having a peaceful day, remembering the fallen and their families, friends and loved ones left behind, still grieving. Because we remember them, they...
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    Hello, my name is Murray and I am a Gyro-holic!

    How do I know I am a gyro-holic? Well, I just took all the blades off my ceiling fans and cleaned them, ready for summer. When I put the blades back on.... I was looking for some string to 'string line' them (hard with 3 blades) but I made sire the tips were all the same distance apart...
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    Subaru EA81 direct drive

    My last couple of EA81s had the pressed on crankshaft (flywheel) flange bolted for safety (so the flange cant work its way off the end of the crank) Do any EA81 drivers on here bolt them or do people generally think the end of the crank is likely to chew off before the flange works its way off...