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    Bridgeport Mill for sale.

    This is a ball screw machine that was a two axis CNC. All the old electronics were bad. It is a very good manual machine or can be retrofitted to be a Mach3 driven 2 axis CNC. I will sell without the drives , power supplies and motors (brand new) for what I paid which is $1800. Or with all the...
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    Looks as if the spammer is back. You admins can't do anything about him?
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    Our prayers for Our French Brothers and Sisters.
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    Impulse Power?

    It appears it is small enough for a gyro but 60,000 mph speed is a tad too much.
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    Science stuff - Magnus Effect
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    Building Alaska

    Watching the DIY channel's 'Building Alaska' program and one of the characters (Lee Raymond) on there reminds me so much of Phil Ruffin!
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    Phil Ruffin

    I've been watching Building Alaska on DIY network. There is a guy on there building a cabin and his name is Lee Raymond. It has to be Phil Ruffin's long lost twin brother!
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    Ballistic Rotorcraft Recovery Chute System
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    Cold in Aussie Land

    Ya'll don't have Al Gore down there do you? It seems everywhere he goes for a Global Warming summit it gets snowed out. Excerpt from an article: Brisbane hits coldest temperature in 103 years If you are lucky enough to be reading this from the comfort of your blankets, it might be best to stay...
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    There was a fatality near me last week that leaves me asking questions. This was a high time pilot that perhaps was out of the loop but I see too many experts stating this aircraft was "Under powered." This is an aircraft that is "Under Powered" but certified? Should not this particular aircraft...
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    PreRotators Part Deux

    How much torque at the bendix shaft would it take to get 24.5 foot Rotordynes (70 lbs.) prerotated? I have no idea how many blade rpms I need to get them started. They are fairly easy to hand start now. I was wondering if a rotary vane compressed air motor with gear reducer could work? No...
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    Mystery Flight over Quincy, Mass

    Anyone have a clue as to what is going on? It's freaking out quite a few people there.
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    3 Aussies in lead at Masters Golf Tournament

    It appears that the Aussies are leading the Masters Golf Tournament. .
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    Engine Oils 101

    Jonathan asked to have his comments on engine oil posted on the forum.. - Ray Ray, cut and copy this instead. Was just reading on the forum about Glenn's engine out on his 670. A few posters discussed engine oils, and their lack of expertise and knowledge about what oil is required to keep...
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    Wauchula Airport Construction?

    What is that going on at the southwest end of the Wauchula airport? I was playing around with Google Earth and noticed what look likes loads of light colored earth being dumped there and more being spread closer to the taxiway.
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    USS Illinois

    I just now heard this on the radio. Latest rumor is that Michelle Obama is sponsoring a submarine (USS Illinois) with an all female crew. That's right. No semen, er, uh, strike that............... no seamen. Well forget it!
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    FAA Guidelines? (humor)

    I don't know how to begin to search for who it was that posted a satire of "new FAA Guidelines" which one was that once someone understood them then the guidelines would be changed until no one was again able to understand them. It couldn't have been more than a month or two ago. Who was it...
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    Eight Engines

    I know this guy is into designing propellers but this is ridiculous! 8 of them on what appears to be a very light plane!
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    Rotorcraft Sub Hunter?

    Rotorcraft Sub Hunter Hmmm? That looks familiar. Why Has the Chinese Navy Unveiled Its Submarine-Hunting Plan? Technology A better link:
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    Aluminum Repair

    Has anyone tried this? Aluminum Repair Video using HTS-2000