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    Barn find gyro

    Id be interested in buying the pump handle with linkage and control rods. Maybe seat tank too.
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    Am I In The Right Job?

    I would most definitely say..... YES! You are in the right job.
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    Bensen Cyclic Control System

    Really need one of these for a glider project or maybe the Ken Brock style.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving Rotorheads! Hope everyone has a great day.
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    Bensen Cyclic Control System

    Bump Bump Any more J2 style cyclic's around?
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    Bensen Cyclic Control System

    I am also in need of a J2 style cyclic and control rods. Think Glen Bundy or any one else would have extra for me? Where can I find his contact info? Thanks
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    El Mirage Wind Power!!

    Excellent! Thanks for sharing Terry. Loved it
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    Xenon Crash in Colorado

    They've released the names. Such a tragedy. My deepest condolences to all family and friends affected.
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    "Memorial Wall"

    Truly Missed Truly Missed PRA 38 President
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    Xenon Crash in Colorado

    So so sad. I'm speechless. Mark was such an amazing person. Mark gave me my first ride in a Gyro (his xenon) that I'll never forget. He will truly be missed....
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    My Dream of Flight

    What a journey! I enjoyed it Thank You
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    Best photo of Dr. Bensen with his Gyrocopter

    Priceless Priceless That's a great picture.
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    PRA38 at Rotors Over the Rockies 2014

    Pic Pic Gyro bee . Maybe you can use these on the website.
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    PRA38 at Rotors Over the Rockies 2014

    Pics Pics Mark, these are a few pictures My wife Brandi took.
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    Pra 38 Pra 38 Colorado boys minus Rich Wise. We were looking for you Rich!
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    2014 Rotors Over The Rockies

    Excited!! Excited!! Me and my family are heading up on Wednesday morning. Staying in a cabin at Brigham City KOA. My two boys are gonna love seeing the gyro's. My daughter and wife will see us in hog heaven. Gonna enjoy some of the other amenities Utah has to offer while we're there too. Then...
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    Need more Gyrogliding

    Peter, I believe the 250 feet is a horizontal distance from structures. And flying no higher than lowest structure is the way I'm reading it. Hope I'm understanding it correctly. Fly Army, I believe gliding your gyro is an invaluable training technique and can be instituted into a training...
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    A little back ground on myself and a dalemma

    What a story. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck on your build and fulfilling that dream.
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    Need more Gyrogliding

    Part 101 Part 101 (a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, no person may operate a moored balloon or kite— (1) Less than 500 feet from the base of any cloud; (2) More than 500 feet above the surface of the earth; (3) From an area where the ground visibility is less than...
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    Need more Gyrogliding

    Starting this thread to spark some interest in Gyrogliders. What are your thoughts? We need a comeback!