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    Arrow-Copter for Mission from Madison, WI to NYC

    Vance.....I would pick you as an example to follow for getting the max out of life...You sir are collecting rocking chair memories , and that has been my mode of operation for years. I am immersed in stair projects that I I wish would never end, so as long as I am healthy, I am creating as many...
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    Spherical rod ends in the rotor control system.

    Kolibri... I owned an RAF and changed out its rodends, and also used a bolt on the alternator. Do you have the updated nosewheel part? Mine failed on take off with my dad onboard and the nosewheel collapsed and the nose of the cabin dropped to the grinding us to a halt. I was staring down at the...
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    Vance....Way to keep living your dream and causing others to fulfill theirs.

    Vance....Way to keep living your dream and causing others to fulfill theirs.
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    Hall of fame induction for PRA Chapter 18

    No Title I had the honor of attending Tom Milton's own induction into the Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame last year. Tom was granted his well deserved award for his years upon years of dedication to advancing aviation. Here is a picture of Tom and his beautiful family.
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    Chris...Type in [email protected] For some unknown reason for over 10 years my replies get the...

    Chris...Type in [email protected] For some unknown reason for over 10 years my replies get the letter "L" mixed up with the number "1"
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    Steve Greenwell..aka...Illini85

    Steve Greenwell stopped by my stair shop two days ago. I appreciated him doing that. Steve has had a very interesting life, and his future is looking more interesting at a higher level. Steve works with shafts that turn 400,000 rpm...ones that drive a dentist tool. . Thanks Steve for stopping by.
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    SparrowHawk for sale....Stans

    Chris- I had the overhead rotorhead brake, but I don't recall the details. I remember the long prop bolts, but nothing special about them.
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    SparrowHawk for sale....Stans

    Jerry- I will e-mail you a few stories , kind of explaining my different focus in life.
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    TOM MILTON ..Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame

    Tom Milton received a most prestigious award in Illinois a few months ago, having the very noble honor of being inducted into the Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame. I just happened to read it in a newspaper about the upcoming awards banquet. It was a pleasure to sit at the same table with Tom.and...
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    SparrowHawk for sale....Stans

    Gman- I built a curved stairway for TV evangelist Jim and Lori Bakker. That is Jim sitting on a two step stoop that I built for their television studio. He has had me on his show 3 times and I was on live when that picture was taken. The man in black is Jonathan Cahn who wrote " The Harbinger"...
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    SparrowHawk for sale....Stans

    Jeff- Thanks! Happy to hear you won the Dominator. Chris.. ...Jeff is what I call a much more qualified to answer your questions guy!
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    SparrowHawk for sale....Stans

    .Chris- I appreciate the comments, but there are some much more qualified to answer questions... 1. I used the warp drive , then installed am inflight variable pitch Ivo magnum prop. REALLY could feel the difference. 2.I dont recall the rotor brake make. 3. I had disc brakes, I think. I had...
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    SparrowHawk for sale....Stans

    No Title Thanks GMan...much appreciated. Actually Barbara was finally able to go outside and work in her flowers for the first time since the spring of 2016...I kid you not! That was a special day for me to see her smile in her flowers. Here I had the most freedom producing machine that I could...
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    SparrowHawk for sale....Stans

    Chris- I just logged in for the first time since this forum went down. Couldn't help but hear you screaming out for wisdom I never had...but will share with you any knowledge I haven't forgotten....with the exception of price, and other private to me information. I have been enjoying life a...
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    A curiosity;

    That squirrel is no longer emitting co2 and methane!
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    A curiosity;

    Now that the topic has changed to hunting...and now a commercial from Sig Sauer firearms. I computed the exact longitude and latitude, and height of this squirrel, and pulled out my concealed carry beloved Sig Sauer 938...shot this squirrel at 16 yards...and supper was delicious...
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    A curiosity;

    Kolibri- The best thing I ever did was walk away from my silver spoon farm operation from my dad. Nothing against him, but he just assumed the great farming life he enjoyed was in my blood also. I was miserable until I just quit in 1986 and worked for someone else as a trim carpenter. Little...
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    A curiosity;

    Well.......I enjoy building curved stairways and am now just semi retired at it. I respect all you engineer types because I know enough to realize that I only know but a little. In other words....I am just smart enough to be aware of how ignorant I am. If I wasn't so aware otherwise, I would...
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    A curiosity;

    This surveying topic is so interesting. Waspair, I wish I had your knowledge on this topic. You were at the University of Illinois if I recall, so you were in my stomping grounds. Speaking of bubble levels , they are indeed challenged to be accurate. In my occupation of stair building...I...
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    Trump - Day 24 of 4 years

    Neither side of this argument has enough words to even start changing the other side's mind. The only thing that will change is each side will think less of the other side.....deeper polarization. Very good people here on both sides of the argument. Never have I seen a political or...