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    gear reduction drive for yamaha

    Looking for information on a gear drive for Yamaha 998cc 200 hp 3.2 to 1
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    RAF blades and hub, year 2000

    I have heard negative things about this time period about blades and hub. Question should I throw them away, use them but keep an eye on them, or can I replace hub and from where, looking for information and opinions. They have never been flown.
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    Just received head and bar and blades from gyro tech, a task that was not easy or cheap. Now I guess I will drive to Poland and straighten it out!!!!
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    Hang Test

    My air command says 0-4 degrees forward on hang test. RAF say's 5 and a half to 8 and a half single and up to 10 and a half double. How does the manufacturer determine what the hang test degrees should be and why are they different?