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    Pile of Part's

    Oh, yes pics pretty please with brown sugar on top! I'm going to be kit building a domi in a year or two here, I need a preview!
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    A few Domi/General Questions from a GroundDweller.

    I checked prices for new 582's from a few rotax distributors and it looks like it will set me back 6-8 grand with a gearbox. I also have barnstormers bookmarked, it looks like they have some good stuff for sale there as well. My original 10,000 estimate was for everything but the engine, new...
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    to a LSA experimental?

    Sounds like a real bad case of "Buyer Beware". Best to play it safe, you don't want to be on the bad side of the Feds. If ever there is doubt or uncertainty, I prefer to play it safe. Sure, you don't get exactly what you want, when you want it; but at least you know your hindquarters are...
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    A few Domi/General Questions from a GroundDweller.

    Thanks Mike, I'll drop a line his way sometime in the coming weeks. Basically, I just need a rough "rounded-up" guestimate so I know how much to budget/save for. No matter what, it will be quite few months before I can even START any of this, I just need to put some number$ on my dreams and see...
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    A new past time for the whole family, Republican style!

    Well, I guess my question is "Whats the harm?" I know this is a little weak and vague, but as far as hobbies are concerned supervised recreational shooting is about as safe as it gets! When you have several levels of oversight (range coaches, parents, rules, etc...) and everything is done...
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    A few Domi/General Questions from a GroundDweller.

    Howdy all, just a fairly quick question about how much I'm going to be spending... I was originally posting this under the RFD sub-forum, but some of the questions are fairly general. I decided a while ago that I'm going to build a Dominator from a kit. For budgeting purposes I would like to...
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    Interested in gyro ultralight around $10K?

    I voted "yes", but I have long since come to the conclusion that I might as well bite the bullet and get my License and N-number. Here is why: 1. I'm a Big Boy (6"3' ish, 230 or so pounds) 2. I can only get the $$$ from the Minister of Finance for ONE "flying toy" (as she calls them) so...
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    Not gone, just somewhere else.

    Howdy Ya'll, I just got my internet in my can and figured I'd drop a line or two. Oh, if any of you are planning international trips to "see the world", leave Al-Asad, Iraq off the list. For a good example of the area, put a catbox in an oven set to "broil" and sit in it for a few months. Yuck...
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    Milling Machine/Tools for the Sadist (home builder).

    Thank you all for the advice! Giro, I'll probably take you up on your offer if it is still valid in a few years when I get back from overseas (for good!). Though I'll have to ask you to ship it at my expense....its a loooong drive from Oregon!
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    Milling Machine/Tools for the Sadist (home builder).

    Thanks for getting back to me! My original plan was to build off of plans from straight-up stock metal except for some of the larger/more critical components (read: rotorhead, blades, prop, engine and anything that spins really fast). To help cure some of my vast ignorance, what would you...
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    Milling Machine/Tools for the Sadist (home builder).

    Howdy all, I was looking around the site for some suggestions on what I will need to build my Dominator, when I finally get to it. I have a wide range of basic hand tools, power tools and a few cool extras but looking at several of the build threads I know I need at least a milling machine and...
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    Never Rope A Deer

    That sounds like..... The kind of thing I would think of and try. Thanks for the words of wisdom, you have saved me from quite a bit of blunt-force learning.
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    Former/Current Military Gyro Guys? (and gals?)

    Dang, no matter where I go or what I do I'm always the "young pup" of the group! It's cool to see so many Mil-types in this sport and that quite a few of us share some common experiences.
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    Former/Current Military Gyro Guys? (and gals?)

    As the title suggests, I'm just sort of curious if or how many "flying go-cart" enthusiasts there are with some sort of military background. I myself am a former (and soon to be current) Marine computer geek (yes, they do make those). I've been all over the 'States, Korea, Thailand (ooh, the...
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    The making of a Dominator

    Oh, another question Larry (well, request). I'm going out on a limb here and assuming that that your are scratch-building your Domi with a few minor exceptions. My question is about how much to expect to drop on spruce and supplies. This is not a matter of "whats the cheapest Gyro I can get"...
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    The making of a Dominator

    Wow, it looks like you're having about as much fun building as you will flying! I migh just have to invest in some good welding/milling gear when I start.
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    Any of ya'll down in Eugene/Springtucky?

    Ah, sorry Jon, no Bee yet. I think I'll go with a Dominator anyway because (I think) they look sexier and have better rough-field landing abilities right out of the box. But we'll see, I have a few years to think about it. I do plan on showing up for a few meetings while I'm back in the...
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    Looking for that Ideal First Gyro.

    ScottH: yes, I do plan on checking out sportcopter, both for gyro's and training since it is fairly close (compared to other options). I have NO intention of flying a 'Gyro without good training first, to do so is a bit on the stupid side, and sportcopter seems to be the nearest place to offer...
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    Forum Support and Fund Raising

    Sorry if I spent the wrong impression... I did not know there was an annual date for this kinda thing, I just saw the thread and wanted to contribute. I also put that thread up just so Todd would know to expect another donation just in case there was some scamming going on. I used the link on...
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    Forum Support and Fund Raising

    I put through my $20.00 through the original link (first post) and it worked fine. To agree with the prevailing theme, I too feel that a paltry $20 a year is an outstanding investment when you consider the support, friendships and product info available on this site! I have already been saved...