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    Alan Lurie

    I just received word that Alan has passed away. For those of you who knew him, you already know what an incredible guy he was. I only met him less than a year ago, but spent several enjoyable hours talking with him. Rest In Peace, Alan.
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    Alan Lurie’s Donation

    Hey Jon Roundtree. Alan called me today and said he had some more parts to donate to the PRA. I’ll pick them up tomorrow and can bring them to Mentone this summer.
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    Spending time with Allan Lurie.

    Allan has donated the Dominator kit to be raffled off at Mentone this year. I first met him a couple of months ago helping to haul the kit out of his basement. He called me last week to say he had found some more "stuff", so I went over yesterday to pick it up. Allan is 92 and although...
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    Powered Sport Flying magazine

    Just received the latest PSF magazine. Great issue!
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    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Hoping everyone can have a happy Thanksgiving with friends and family.
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    Gathering of Eagles

    Attended the KC Dawn Patrol's Gathering of Eagles event at Gardner, KS yesterday. Although FW, it features WWI replica fighters which use some of the same engines and building materials as gyros. Also have the same independent spirit and "fly for fun" attitude. Met Sharon Stark (her hubby Dick...
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    New Powered Sport Flying issue

    Just got the March 2015 issue. Great article by John Craparo about building a Magni at the factory in Italy.
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    Gyro on I-45

    Traveling down I-45 to Houston yesterday, saw a quick view of a gyro northbound on a trailer- enclosed, white- just a mast, no rotor head, looked to be a tandem seat like a Calidus, but thought it was larger and had a twin tail. Any other sightings or info would be appreciated.
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    Dominator crash at Front Range airport in Colorado

    Just saw a report of a Dominator crashing on takeoff at Front Range airport, which is located about 20 miles east of Denver, Colorado. Apparently, the pilot had minor injuries and walked away from the aircraft. He wasn't identified.