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  1. CLS447

    Air Command Single place

    I need to get out of my hangar & would like to sell my gyro. Air Command single place with low time, dual carb ,dual CDI ,oil injected 503 Rotax. 23' Skywheel rotor blades Horizontal stabs redundant mast Extended rear keel Instrument pod 60" Ivo prop Handheld mounted Icom radio with...
  2. CLS447

    God Bless all affected by Florence

    We have had a very wet summer here in PA....... & now this ! I pray for all of the victims of this terrible storm.
  3. CLS447

    I Want to Sell my Gyros

    Due to new life events & my new found anxiety problem......I want to see if there is any interest in buying my single place Air Command & my SxS 2 place machine. Both machines are well documented in this forum. I feel that truly interested parties will be able to hash out a fair price with me...
  4. CLS447

    Air Command parts

    Someone was inquiring about parts & stopped I will post them here for anyone that might be interested.... 68" single wall mast...., Rear keel, Pedals, throttle quadrant, shock absorbers, pump handle joystick & various other parts......let me know if you need them !
  5. CLS447

    Forum Record

    This morning.....Users online.......7 members......378 guests. I wonder what the highest number of non-contributing guests was ? Some think the forum is dead.......I's just all guests that don't want to be seen or heard. I say to them.....thanks for nothing ! This is...
  6. CLS447

    Wunderlich Prerotator Parts

    These parts were on my early Air Command with 447 & B box. Pictures to follow...... later. Drum for prop hub, Lower drive unit , engagement handle & cable & I do have a few different length flexshafts with outer casings. I will get some pics & post them. Offers being taken.......Thanks
  7. CLS447

    Dragon Wing Hub Bars

    I have 2 DW hub bars I would like to sell......1 - 5' & 1- 1' I will just say.....Make me an offer ! With a set of 12' blades , you could have 29'rs & 23'rs. I had a set of 28'rs that had a 4' hub.....unfortunately I sold them to a friend who didn't use them & sold his 2 place machine. I...
  8. CLS447

    New Rotax Exhaust

    New muffler & 90 pipe(447,503,582) with wye pipe for 447 (used & jet hot coated) with EGT bungs. Includes weld hooks(not shown). $400 + S&H. Please respond here.
  9. CLS447

    Super bowl !

    I really enjoyed that whole game ! Anyone care to comment on anything they did not like ?
  10. CLS447

    Black Sheep

    Remember when we were the oddballs of the aviation world ? We had to build our gyros & self train. I've heard & seen it all...." you must be crazy " " You sit on the gas tank ?" favorite...."How high does it go ? ". We have definitely come full circle. Even the guys with money, that...
  11. CLS447

    Kansas Leftoverture

    Saturday night, right here in Reading PA......I have one ticket for one of my favorite albums to be performed live ! 40 yr anniversary ! Man I'm getting old ! If you know & love this album...say so. If you never heard it......LISTEN ! On another...
  12. CLS447

    Dan Donley Videos

    This morning I popped in an old video from Dan. Ken Brock & the guys from the lake bed. Great stuff ! Vance's Predator got alot of coverage. Mike Schallman & his old machine also. I was wondering where Dan Donley got to ? Vance, weren't you building a machine of your own design at one...
  13. CLS447

    Subaru 2.5 powered motorcycle

    The guy at the local supply house showed me this one..... Look it up on youtube for lots more !
  14. CLS447

    Crash Pad

    I am building a crash pad to flop in on those late night building sessions . The basics needed for me & my dogs & cat to stay with the gyros.......bed, TV, & heat. Save money on gas ! Instead of bringing the turtle inside for the winter, I released her at the local lake, I think she will be...
  15. CLS447

    Sparrowhawk 1/2/3 build

    Every Saturday Andy & I work on his SH. We now mounted the ECU behind the seat & are going to start the wiring process. I suggested that we run PVC conduit from the rear of the cabin to the front & attach it to the"feet" that hold the cabin to the keel. It would have taken alot of heating &...
  16. CLS447

    Corona ,CA is Burning

    Did the 16,000 firefighters get it under control yet ? Imagine the cost !!!
  17. CLS447

    Volcano !

    Do you think that volcano in Indonesia is gonna blow ?
  18. CLS447

    Harvey's Going To Texas

    Looks menacing, Stay safe & fill all your gas tanks ! Drive to PA, the weather is beautiful ! Actually ....a little chilly this morning.
  19. CLS447

    Fuel Gauge on my Street Machine

    The Fuel gauge on my 2009 Yamaha Zuma scooter stopped working (almost 16000 miles).....with no reserve on the petcock (no petcock either) it is a real PITA. I have the shop manual ! Checked fuel pump with fuel level sender.....thank god that works ! Must be the gauge.....had to take a few...
  20. CLS447

    New York City

    If I or we lived in NYC........I wonder what we would be doing today ? What would you think that you would do ?