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    Helicycle 90% complete ( australia )

    Hi Fellas, sadly I am selling my 90% complete , group 5 Helicycle. Moving OS & just not practical ( for me ) to take it with me. It has all the factory upgrades + a huge amount of the " best of the best " upgades & accessories. A host of Tim Drnecs awesome parts including his windscreen. Juan...
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    Avimech dragonfly DF-1

    Howdy Fellas, so has anyone ever been there, seen, whatever, the Dragonfly DF-1. They have a website ...curious if it's a" real " wee beasty.
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    Modern Lightweight 100HP Aircraft Rotary

    Hey Fellas, seems there are some likely very suitable engines out there experimental class helo's but most never make it to production, I guess the returns just aren't there. So I found a UK based company who has gone all the way to production of some very sweet...
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    helicycle parts for sale

    Hi Fellows, I have new & unused original factory supplied Westach instrument set, factory rear landing gear hoop & factory plexi glass windscreen. Open to all reasonable offers. items are located in Kansas. Regards Dave
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    the new LAE " Piranha "

    Howdy fellows, anybody actually talked to the guys at LAE Cyprus, physically seen the " New Piranha turbine Helo " I have seen the website but wonder if it is ANOTHER wonderful dream or a reality? No response from emailing them?? Best regards & thanks Dave
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    cicare CH-7Bt info required

    Hello Fellos, does anyone have one, know anybody that has one or any related information would be appreciated. Thanks & regards Dave