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    Tailplanes and their size/area

    Greetings rotor-heads! As a decent approximation - for good stability+control how big do we want the horizontal+vertical tailplanes? Perhaps it can be related to blade loading? rotor size? Thanks Mo
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    Tilting torques/forces

    Controlling the gyro when it's in the air is pretty vital do we take into account the gyroscopic effects of the rotor? how much torque is required to tilt the rotor? how is this calculated? do the hinges(lead-lag, flap) make it easier?
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    Are gyroplanes actually less...

    Greetings rotorwings, are gyroplanes actually less efficient than helis? Chuck ? Or any other engineers? Thanks Mo
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    Flap angle & blade twist

    Hello people considering the plane of the rotor hub to be the zero angle - what's the maximum and minimum angles the blades take while flapping? generally of course. i've observed that most blades have no twist - is this purely from an economical point of view? any input would be very...
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    2m Diameter UAV

    Hi guys, I'm currently building an autogyro with a max weight of 7kg. Last year the guys at my uni looked into using the NACA 8H12 profile for the main rotor. However some of his tests seem to give a good indication that the Jacob USNPS-4 would give better results. Has anyone worked with the...
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    Speed Control

    Hello everybody, I'm Mo and I'm new here. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up a few things from you lot :wave: Okay here's my first question: On is speed control usually acheived? Is it via varying the engine RPM or via rotor disk incidence angle....or perhaps a combo of the...