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    Bensen Days unicom radio

    Some time back there was a post on the forum talking about a "Unicom" type radio needed for use on the field at Bensen Days. I had suggested looking for one of the "older" aircraft radios and using a 12 volt power supply along with a cabinet and jack panel to make such a radio ( I did this on...
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    Well,------- sounds like they are lining up the manure spreaders in Syria, this is gonna get nasty :painkiller: Tony
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    How did the forum on the Katech engine go ????? Tony
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    Sport aviation association

    Anyone know if the newly formed "SPORT AVIATION ASSOCIATION" has any plans to have someone at Mentone, whether in an official capacity or un-official capacity :) Tony
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    Old house on Mentone airport

    Would like for someone to take as close a look as possible at the "old house" on the Mentone airport and get some opinions. Don't know if this has been fixed up or still continues to waste away. Would be good if some board members could look this over real good, maybe even get a realtor...
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    Rotec Radials

    does anyone know if Rotec ever plans to make a 5 cylinder radial ???? Tony:)
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    classroom up grades

    just recieved a call from Murray Freeburn regarding the classroom project and he asked me to make a post for him as he is having trouble posting on the forum "PRA discussion" thread. Murray has pointed out that last year while trying to do some construction at the classroom site the...
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    chat room

    1-6-13 8:45 till 9:00 P Chat room ?????? Tony
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    our numbers

    :sad: Any body else been watching that number at the bottom of the forum page "active members" ?? Tony
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    Queen Charolett Island

    Anyone paying any attention to the shake and bake going on at Queen Charolette Island what about some reports ?? Tony
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    looking for smarts (laptop)

    Well,--------- the mechanical part of the Weber MPE-750 conversoin is DONE :whoo: now comes the "electrical part", the Microsquirt aftermarket EFI that I have chosen. The programmin info that I have on it says that it is a great help to have a laptop that has "serial port" and will run Windows...
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    anti-freeze for aluminum blocks

    what's the recommendation for anti-freeze on these aluminum block engines, have some Prestone Dex-Cool on hand Tony
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    Ever notice ????

    Ever notice the two threads at the bottom of the forum page, "PRA DISCUSSION and HOUSE ON AIRPORT FOR SALE" ?? Ever notice how these sites "light up " late at nite, or when the sun get over into the Asia area ??? All "guest" viewers ??? Tony
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    great metric harware site

    Here is a little gem, have been having trouble finding a "special" metric bolt and looked all over the "standard" suppliers and could not find it (a 12 mm x 1.25 45 or 50 mm socket head) well, BELMETRIC in Tyngsboro, MA. had it, a little expensive but I was really glad to find it, good place to...
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    info on O-2 sensor Chevy S-10

    Looking for info on the O-2 sensor used on a 2000 Chevy S-10 (up stream) --- Bosch 13191, 2-wire unheated. One wire is gray they other is black, which wire is the signal and which is ground ???? Tony
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    video camera comments ??

    Looking at some used video cameras on E-bay, (to video the Weber 750 when it's time). Know nothing about video cameras but see some older Sony Handycam DVD-100 models about 9 to 10 years old from $50 to $150 looks about like what I could use. Anyone out there got any comments or experience...
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    Up loading videos

    Is there any kind of a tutorial on up loading short videos, and which format is best. Hopefully in the fairly near future I will need to up load some videos of the Weber running, and know absolutely nothing about how to do it or what kind of a camera I should get. Tony :eek:
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    click torques wrenchs

    Anyone out there ever buy or use a "harbor freight" 1/2 inch torque wrench,---- are they worth buying ??? Tony
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    If original ideas come from originial thoughts,-------where do originial thoughts come from ???? Tony:noidea:
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    Weber adapter housing, flat face crank

    more pictures in next post plus text.