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    Helicycle Hatchery Plus One

    Doug just left and Bartleys Helicycle is now flying. Finally both of us are up and flying and not wrenching all the time. Hope you enjoy the video there will be more coming soon. Doug is a really great guy and even helped me out with some ideals with the MH-1 as well. It was a real pleasure...
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    Mosquito governor for sale

    I have a Mosquito governor that I purchased new and installed in my Mini with the Yamaha upgrade that I will let go cheap if anyone is interested. It works fine and is in good condition and will work just fine for a two stoke. It just want keep up with the Yamaha engine good enough for me so I'm...
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    Millennium Helicopters

    Been a while. Things stalled a little because of multiple reasons we are working through these and expect a postive outcome. Check out the web site for an update on ship #2 upgrade.
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    Solar T62T-2A1 For sale

    I have one T62T-2A1 complete with green tag and in new condition. I have had these looked at by a turbine person who knows this turbine which he was a crew chief on the CH47 and he has confirmed it to be as in new condition 0 time turbine. I have no paperwork and will let them go cheap to...
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    Millennium Helicopters

    Millennium Helicopters. The mean green machine will be at John Spurling’s Hill top fly-in. I will try my hardest to have it where it will hover maybe even be flying. It will be there for static display if not flying. I’m looking forward to being at John’s place to meet all of the fellow...
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    Millennium Helicopters The fun has just begun. :flame:
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    Mini 500 mast supports available now

    Mast supports are complete and we will be packaging them up this weekend for shipment next week. There will be only 10 available on this run so it will be first come first serve on this run. Production on the next run is already in progress and will not take very long to produce them now...
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    Mast support upgrade

    Mast support upgrades will be available in two weeks or less the price will be $4500.00 they are manufactured as per Revolution master print book with all parts needed to get the helicopter flying safely. I am the new owner and will be bringing the helicopter back on the market in kit form with...
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    Mini 500

    Hi everyone The Mini 500 is not dead in fact Mast supports are in full production in the new mini 500 factory. Which when put back in full kit form will be the new Millennium 500 built buy Millennium helicopter here in Mt. Vernon, Arkansas. Ken and Doug at Southwind Helicopters will be the...