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  1. BEN S

    Diving Tangent.....

    Thought this might be best in a new thread.... The claim that Guantanamo Bay was the last great untouched reef was not just my claim, but that of Jaques Cousteau himself when he came through Camanerra Bay back in the late 80's. The Base was shut off and isolated from the world in 1959 before the...
  2. BEN S

    Minimum amount of fuss needed for SP privileges?

    I am already a Private Pilot. I have an Airworthy Gyroplane that is experimental and fully legal single seat. What is the easiest way for me to get a Sport Pilot Gyro rating? If I am correct can't I have two seperate Helicopter CFIs watch me from the ground and sign off in my log book? Or am I...
  3. BEN S

    ANR in single seat open gyro?

    I am looking at a few helmet choices, I have read 1000 reviews and am no closer to getting a solid answer. Is the ANR of the Bose A20 worth a hoot in an open frame gyro flying between 40 and 60mph out in the open? Has anyone tried using the A20 with no visor or windshield? let me know what you...
  4. BEN S

    Back in the saddle!

    After a 7 year hiatus and for a bunch of reasons.... I am a gyro pilot again!!! Yesterday was my first flight in my refurbished Sportcopter here in Guam! It has taken a lot to get to this point My hats off to Jim, Evan and the crew, she performed flawlessly. I got a chance to shoot 3 landings...
  5. BEN S

    Well, I'll be! Wifey said she "knows someday I'll fly gyros again!"

    After much flying in fixed wings and some in my paramotor, I have linked up with a flying buddy who has an ultralight seaplane. We have been talking about all manner of future aircraft for us and he says if gyros are your favorite, you should get one. I mentioned this to Kat who remarked (she...
  6. BEN S

    Can someone please tell Dave to pick up his junk!

    hahahaha!!!! Found some old pics on a hard drive I forgot about.
  7. BEN S

    FAA Third Class Medical reform Question

    I have decided that the weather here in Guam isnt conducive to me flying my PPG all year long. They do a lot of flying in cessnas at the airport and I could learn how to fly in the rain. My question for you guys. Im 47, my faa 3rd class medical ran out (not suspended or taken away) 1/28 of 2016...
  8. BEN S

    Next job, Concord California!

    Are there any gyro buddys in the area?
  9. BEN S

    Misunderstandings on internet forum due to language issues.

    As a famous movie once said "what we have here is a failure to communicate!" This is just a primer for you older non-hip computer users pecking away with your bi-focals on a forum with foreigners on it. If you don't understand the following examples, then take a moment to realize that you may...
  10. BEN S

    Question about dreadnaught class gyros?

    I have flown more than a few different gyros to include the entire Sportcopter lineup, a Benson and a few Xenons (Z?) After reading some of the comments here regarding take off procedures in a two seater, my question that comes to mind is Can these heavy suckers not be flown by feel? Or is it...
  11. BEN S

    John Rountree.....aka All In

    John, you need to contact me ASAP. Ben
  12. BEN S

    I'm gonna sell my engine...

    just posted the ad. "I have a Rotax 582 blue head for sale WITH an EXTRA crankshaft! The engine has less than 20 hours on it total time, and has recently been "Zero timed" by a Certified Rotax Repairman (Wayne at French Valley) I intended to upgrade my 503, but instead I crash tested my gyro...
  13. BEN S

    Excelsior!..on to new flying adventures!

    After the loss of my gyro my wife and I discussed the idea of getting more serious about my fixed wing flying with the aim of possibly getting our own plane. Good woman, that's why I've kept her around for 25 years. Its not that she said no gyro, but its the right time for us to have a cross...
  14. BEN S

    Tom Milton...calling Tom Milton.....

    I tried to PM you but no luck. I sent a text to the number on the Calumet website. Have an offer for you. please r.s.v.p at your earliest convenience. Ben
  15. BEN S

    neat find at work....
  16. BEN S

    Accident details.

    Ok, first off thank you all so much for the well wishes. This is a VERY small community and it is damned decent to know you guys care. Thank you. I am going to relate the details to you guys for two reasons, neither of which is that I want to get into a lengthy detailed debrief of what I...
  17. BEN S

    Is there an award for first wrecked gyro of the year?

    If so I win. On New Years day at about 11:00 am I made some really bad Aeronautical Decision Making while doing crow hops at a friends private field. Carb Icing MAY have been a contributing factor, but not recognizing the conditions would still make it my fault. Those who were present may have...
  18. BEN S

    And so it begins!

    There was a "discussion" awhile back about Obamacares handling of medical records and some of the more liberal usual posters on this site immediately jumped onto the "your too worried" bandwagon. I'm sure this thread will probably get terminated for being too political, but seriously, how long...
  19. BEN S

  20. BEN S

    A possible solution to all of the accidents/threads

    I would like to propose a possible solution to all of the discussions regarding recent accidents and whether or not our training is up to snuff or whether or not you should be capable of crow hops et al... In the world of EOD we have three kinds of badges...Basic, Senior and Master you must...