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    R.I.P. Gary Buster.

    Sad to report Gary Buster who use to fly a Blue and White Mad Max II gyroplane has passed away. His wife posted this on his facebook page. Gary Buster July 15 at 3:01 PM · This is Salena, Gary's wife. I have met a few of you but not all. It brings me great...
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    Just another day at SkyDive Deland. I think this makes 3 or 4 since we moved here.

    Not the first and won't be the last.
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    Not a Gyro, not a helicopter, but it dose Hover.

    Enjoying some low level flying. Finely got my Hovercraft running good after several modifications. this park is 3 miles from my house and yes those are Gators breaking the surface in front of me. sorry for the shakey video, but is just a cheap Vivitar Camera that was under $60.00 . But oh well...
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    Gyrobee again for sale

    If I remember right, wasn't it. not having a rating, that they pinned on Doug Hughes for his Gyro not being ultra light. I agree with All_In on this one.
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    Duel Rotor/Engine Gauge

    What is it in? I would check the wires first, could just be a loose connection. I have never had luck with a stock rotorway tach. If that is not the issue, I would suggest one of these...
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    Prop thrust help!

    Yes, it is a pusher, see, that was what i was not sure of, was which way to turn it to add pitch, that would sure explain the lack of thrust with it turned 4 turns in clockwise. my prop turns counter clock wise when viewed from the rear. my max r.p.m. is 3,250 on a 25 h.p. Kohler engine. what...
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    Prop thrust help!

    I have been trying to adjust my IVO prop my self and getting mixed results. I have a 72" 3 blade on my Hovercraft, first time out on the water I had it adjusted 1.5 turns in clockwise from the point of not tension on the adjuster bolt and I got up to 30 m.p.h. across the water. later I adjusted...
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    New Helicom Commuter/ Safari yahoo group

    That is a good looking machine.
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    New Helicom Commuter/ Safari yahoo group

    Just an update, due to lack of activity, I closed this group the other day, was getting more join requests from Spammers then people interested in the machines.
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    What do you want to Know About Safari Helicopters

    Trust me I know why... :) My former A&P tore down my transmission to the Commuter 11 and miss placed the parts, just about got all the parts back from him. not going to be fun. still missing to shaft keys and then have to find out the part numbers for the seals. got all new bearings.
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    Helicopter training

    If your ever over the Deland/Deleon springs Area, Feel free to drop in. just look for the big Comm tower 5 miles out from KDED.
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    Flying with the Angels... Kent Goddard

    Rest in Peace kent.
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    Hillman Hornet - is it worth saving?

    lmao, do any of you really think for one minute I would just give this project away. As for Jake I have no use for Jake, he showed he is no friend of mine as so many of the rest of ya'll have. I think it is so Funny, that while I own it, it is of no value and should be scraped, yet if I give...
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    Hillman Hornet - is it worth saving?

    Ok I am taking a Poll, I have really lost interest. but I hate to see a part of History disappear for ever and that is the fate of this aircraft that is in my hands right now. As of this week I just bought a Pallet rack and now have everything safely stored in my shop. Now I am just...
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    The UFO Helithruster is Evolving as is Phoenix Rotorcraft your US dealer.

    been living in Florida for 2 years now, have not talked to anyone about it in awhile. trying calling the number listed for Anthony.
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    just got internet back tonight, we are ok, power was back on sunday at 9:30. minor damage to the house, non to the shop. Hillman Hornet frame made it ok also. we missed the bullet. 2 miles away a trailer had the whole roof torn off..
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    Jessica’s flight to the SA Caribbean Island with Dad’s Rotorway Helicopter

    Great Video, I shared it on facebook.
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    Wrens Fly In Part One

    Cool Video, you sure trust that Engine flying over all that water, of course the dry ground area did not look to Gyro friendly. looks like it was a fun flight.
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    Safari - NTSB accident summaries

    Wonder how many more of these have to crash before people stop buying them. just because it looks like a Bell-47. does not make it as good as a real bell-47 .
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    Wrens CHALLENGE 2016 - Sep 16-18 - GA AND Carolina VS. EVERYONE ELSE!!

    looking forward to seeing more pics, looks like it was a great event and thankfully no one got hurt and was a safe fly-in.