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    R.I.P. Gary Buster.

    Sad to report Gary Buster who use to fly a Blue and White Mad Max II gyroplane has passed away. His wife posted this on his facebook page. Gary Buster July 15 at 3:01 PM · This is Salena, Gary's wife. I have met a few of you but not all. It brings me great...
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    Just another day at SkyDive Deland. I think this makes 3 or 4 since we moved here.

    Not the first and won't be the last.
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    Hillman Hornet - is it worth saving?

    Ok I am taking a Poll, I have really lost interest. but I hate to see a part of History disappear for ever and that is the fate of this aircraft that is in my hands right now. As of this week I just bought a Pallet rack and now have everything safely stored in my shop. Now I am just...
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    Does anyone have any pics of the Hillman Hornet N8063D ?

    Looking for pics of Doug Hillman's Hornet N8063D. not many to be found online. it won an award at oshkosh in 1979.
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    E-bay whats going one with it now days?

    Well it use to be you could sell stuff on E-bay with out issues and people paid for the items they won the bid on. anyway twice I thought I had the Hovercraft sold. first time the winning bidders was a total scammer, arranged for shipper to pick it up the same day he was sending the money by...
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    Not a Gyro, not a helicopter, but it dose Hover.

    Well ya'll I have found a new Hobbie I am really enjoying, I started with this machine, but I am working on buying a Bigger Machine. yep I am flying! just at a mere 9" above the ground or water. and it's legal. No FAA to deal with. and a blast. this my friends is a 1989 HoverStar Hovercraft...
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    Rotorway Scorion 2 plans for sale on CL not mine.

    The guy E-mailed me and said he got them sold.
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    bensen days Motor home

    old post ,cleaning out. deleted to free up bandwidth.
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    took a long time coming, finely moving to Florida

    well we have been trying to get Cindi's place sold for over 2 years now so we could move to Florida, well April 16th the house sold, this saturday we are loading up some stuff and renting a place at FD-70 River Acres. so looking forward to getting away from N.C. and enjoying the sun shine of...
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    Good Helicopter airframe,restore or install your own stuff. sale will include an aircraft biil of sale for the FAA and the engine conversion kit. and a set of the plans. good luck bidding.
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    low time Cont. C90-12F $10,000 or best offer.

    no longer for sale.
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    Happy Birthday Billygyro ( Billy Steward )

    happy Birthday to Billy gyro, saw on facebook today is his Birthday, hope you have a great one my friend. Fly safe and enjoy your day.
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    Florida bound this week. land hunt

    Well some of you that have met me at Bensen days or Mentone, probably met my girl friend Cindi, she is a retired Army helicopter mech. Anyway, even before she met me she has been wanting to move to Florida. well we have been talking about it and honestly I like the idea my self. what we have...
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    Cool 18-A Video I found on youtube.

    Autogyro beats Helicopter for small VTOL Missions dynmicpara - YouTube
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    Parrots, anyone here own one?

    well I recently moved to Asheboro with Cindi,about a mile from the house is a small petshop that has a lot of birds,the main one I like is an African Grey Parrot named Ruby, he is 16 years old and shy, but when he thinks he is alone he talks up a storm. parrots tend to bond with just one person...
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    Should I try E-bay? Commuter H-1B

    Ok Ya'll as most Know my Helicom Commuter H-1B is listed for sale on several websites. it has now been hovered so we know it is right now. what I am wondering is, do ya'll think it may sell better on E-bay? I was thinking of listing it with a buy it now price of $29,500 and maybe put on the...
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    some Myrtle beach fun with a stuffed Penguin

    Ok some of you that met my lady friend Cindi at Bensen days may remember she has a Stuffed Penguin she take around with her, it is kind of a good luck charm that was given to her when she was in the hospital and almost died. Thankfully she is still with us and a fun lady to be around...
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    Flight simm, X-plane, bad customer service!

    well awhile back I bought X-plane flight simm. I get regular E-mail telling of new down loads and offers. but sadly I can not down load anything as I have forgotten my log in info. I have e-mailed and used the lost password form. about 3 times now. over a month has gone by and I have not...
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    Drunk Helicopter pilot- funny

    YouTube - Drunk Helicopter Pilot saw this on facebook,too funny.
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    Commuter H-1B Hovering in the back yard with 320 pound pilot.

    Well here it is, the long awaited for Video on the Commuter H-1B hovering with the 320 pound Pilot. I am amazed it even got off the ground with this weight. it's not much of a video, but was way to cool to me to see it hovering in my own back yard. enjoy. YouTube - Commuter H 1B hovers