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  1. Gyro28866

    PRA Board

    Wow! What a fun week at Mentone this year. I enjoyed speaking to a bunch of newbie's and ole friends. I just wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude for the confidence you have bestowed upon me. I accepted the Treasurer position on our Board of Directors. Mr. Robert Rymer is retiring...
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    Escambia Sheriff SELLING

    I have come across an advertisement on GOVDEALS for the Escambia Sheriff Department. It seems Sheriff Grover Smith is selling a SPORTCOPTER and a POWERED PARACHUTE, both units have Rotax 912ULS engines I am only posting this here for your information
  3. Gyro28866

    Bensen days 2018 -- movies--

    I have reserved spot #9. that is located closest to the hanger end of camper row. And closest to the Blue buildings. I will be bringing a PA system and a projector. This will be available to project pictures or movies onto the side of the trailer. which will provide a 10' x 30' screen. Bring...
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    Sad news

    Larry Banks/Gyro CFI and one other individual were involved in an accident Tuesday evening; while flying a Cherokee 6. The airplane obviously burnt after impact. Both souls perished Such sad news.
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    Verner SVS1400

    I need some help guys. I have a Verner SVS1400 installed on a Kolb Mark III Classic. I need the Upper Engine Mount rubber isolator It is Verner Part #VK-09-02, it fits inside part#VM-09-02 I have went to the Verner website and sent a message. No reply. I have called all the USA Dealers listed in...
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    2017 Aircoupe Convention

    Just a bit over a week away. From 29 June - 2 July 2017 The annual ERCOUPE convention will be held at DICKSON MUNICIPLE AIRPORT ( M02 ) mike-zero-two Dickson, Tennessee 615-446-6611 Currently there are 38 Aircoupes registered to be here. We need Volunteers to help with the event. Duties would...
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    Just saw this post on Facebook. Anyone know who it is?
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    Icom A6

    I have purchased an Icom A6 radio, I desire to mount it on the Gyro. I have not been able to find a "Mount - per say" for it. I have seen plastic mount brackets on some gyros for these radios. What is it? Where do you get it?
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    Who says a FAT boy cant fly

    Short and Sweat!!!
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    Bensen aircraft promo video

    I come across this little video on Youtube. Great little throwback.
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    Dec 10 2016, Quarterly PRA Chapter 16 Meeting

    Greetings to all! Apologies for the late notice, however this coming Saturday 10 December 2016 is the scheduled quarterly Chapter meeting of the Volunteer State Rotorheads. This meeting is open to anyone who wishes to attend; especially if they have an interest in Rotorcraft such as Gyroplanes...
  12. Gyro28866

    Identify this HEAD

    I received an email from this guy, asking for help. Here is part of the email: David this is Rod from Sevierville. I got your name/email address from the PRA website. I have what was described to me as a Rotordyne gyro head. I purchased it at a gyro fly in decades ago in Mentone IN. There are...
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    Bensen Days Video

    I have a GoPro camera now, and have figured out how to upload them to Youtube. I will start adding a link to them here:
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    FALCON - Barn Find

    Recently, I was contacted by Geoff Howard; and asked if I could help to sell a gyro. Mr. Howard stated that he is trying to sell the Gyro for the builders widow. Based on the conversations with Mr. Howard, he has no knowledge about aircraft and specifically Gyro's. I had him send me a few...
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    I recently meet these wild and crazy dude's and was able to assist in a video commercial. Two out of the six guy's had never flown in any kind of aircraft. Everyone of them had a Gyro Grin afterwards. They will have stories to tell and never forget Dickson. Promise!!! See if you can find me...
  16. Gyro28866

    Verner svs1400

    From what I have been told, Verner has had some issues like Hirth. The first introduction in the US was not favorable. I have over 300 hours on a Hirth F3003 on my Donminator and no issues. I think the 65 hp Hirths were the problem engines? So, having said this, is the SVS 1400 the problem...
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    Email received???

    Listed below is an email I received, I don't know if it is legit or not. Just thought I would pass this along.
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    GoPro type video

    I am going to purchase a video recording device, hopefully/likely before the end of the year. I was looking at a GoPro Hero 3 - Black Edition. The thing I do not like is the fisheye effect, because we are flying. What are your recommendations for a camera and why? Thanks
  19. Gyro28866

    Rotor Flapping in flight

    This was a question I was asked about a few days ago. I did what I could to explain this to this fixed winger, But I thought this would be a great VISUAL aid for him, and any of us who might not understand or cannot visualize the flapping of our blades while in flight...
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    Volunteer State Rotorheads

    TOMORROW Saturday - December 13th is our Quarterly PRA Chapter 16 Meeting 10:00am in the Conference room Dickson Municipal Airport (M02) Everyone is welcome to join us! looks like the weather will be mid 50's - sunny - light breeze from the south. PERFECT Lets fly!!! .