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  1. Brian Jackson

    Foam preparation and filler for composite layups - need help

    Greetings all. Been out of the loop for a little while but making progress on the gyro. I am preparing for (finally!) the layup work and foam sculpting of the carbon fiber items. I am a newbie at composite construction so am asking the experts here. The first question is: What kind of filler...
  2. Brian Jackson

    Looking for seat tank - supplier and general info

    Greetings. I have decided to simplify my current build in the hope of flying during my lifetime. I am looking for a seat tank (~5-7 gal.). I know Tom Milton supplied these via Calumet Air but don't know if he is still involved with them. I know nothing about seat tanks except the fuel goes on...
  3. Brian Jackson

    Viral Aerosol Spread Simulation All, please adhere to this. Be safe.
  4. Brian Jackson

    Vacuum Pump selection for Composites

    Greetings to all. I am about to embark on the Carbon Fiber fabrication journey and learning how much I've yet to learn on the subject. Will be doing several test layups before attempting the major components of my build (new seat, cruciform tail, etc.) I have been reading a fair bit about the...
  5. Brian Jackson

    GPS to be down in S.E. USA during Jan 16-24 I just ran across this today. It is for military exercises offshore and looks like it may affect a...
  6. Brian Jackson

    Is prop center true thrust center if airflow partially blocked?

    Veering from an ongoing topic here, a thought occurred to me (perhaps incorrectly) that called into question something I had always taken for granted. If a pusher prop were in clean air above its center and in turbulent air below its center because of blockage, would the center of its thrust...
  7. Brian Jackson

    Overhead Stick - Drag vs. Control at Higher Speeds?

    Good morning Fellows. For those whom have flown a gyro with an overhead stick, do you notice any aerodynamic (drag) forces acting on the stick? My curiosity concerns both uncontrolled input and pilot arm fatigue. I imagine the rotor spring could partly compensate for the stick drag at higher...
  8. Brian Jackson

    Hang Balance VS. Flight Test Pilot of different weight

    I didn't want to go off topic asking this in another thread. When my build is eventually finished I will be hiring an experienced gyro pilot to test fly my ship. I'm a small guy that might squeak in at 145 over the winter months. If a test pilot were, say, 185 lbs, how would he adjust to a ship...
  9. Brian Jackson

    Everything wrong with amateur-built in one convenient video

    I sure hope he didn't attempt to fly that thing. Although from the looks of the flight controls alone (shown in glorious close-up) something hopefully broke before it could take him too far from the ground. If the guy's posting build videos on YouTube then he has access to numerous resources...
  10. Brian Jackson

    Forum Donations

    Curious if the RWF will be setting up a donations link. We've been up and running on the new server for a while and all is well, and I would like to help Todd and crew with some of the costs of keeping it operational. A recurring billing would be nice so a few bucks would be charged to my card...
  11. Brian Jackson

    Barry Mounts upside-down?

    I'm hoping to consult the forum about something that has been bugging me recently. I have fabricated and installed the engine mounts to my airframe quite some time ago (not flown or completed yet). I drilled for and installed the Barry mounts according to the manufacturer's instruction on the...
  12. Brian Jackson

    Private conversations visible on main page

    Just an FYI: It appears that on the lower right section on the main page is an area called "Latest Profile Posts" that seems to display PMs between individuals. Should this field be omitted from view? If this is indeed PMs, I would feel funny about having private messages openly displayed. Thanks.
  13. Brian Jackson

    Double Hang Test Accuracy vs. Rotor Coning Angle

    An academic question to the more informed... When performing a double hang test to pinpoint VCG, I understand the blades must be on because they are a significant portion of the AUW. However, I imagine there is a measurable change in COM of the rotor when its sagging vs. coned in flight. Rough...
  14. Brian Jackson

    Is nosewheel load critical on free-castoring system?

    I am curious how important nosewheel downforce is in a free-castoring system. In my current build I had been planning to rake the mains back slightly to increase nosewheel pressure by recommendation of other pilots/builders. A GyroBee wants ~35 lbs. on the nosewheel, but does this figure become...
  15. Brian Jackson

    Do people build anymore?

    Have folks quit building gyros in the last 10 years? I think in general, societally, we've moved away from being garage tinkerers. I don't know of any neighbors with even modest workshops anymore. I had an interesting phone discussion with a well respected member here a few months ago where this...
  16. Brian Jackson

    TEST: Does this new post appear on main page?

    TEST: Does this new post appear on main page?
  17. Brian Jackson

    Test: Does this post?

    10/31/18 - First time in 2 weeks I've been able to open site on PC without error messages. This is a test message to see if I can post. Don't know if it will show up on main page as a new topic.
  18. Brian Jackson

    Test: Does this post?

    10/31/18 - First time in 2 weeks I've been able to open site on PC without error messages. This is a test message to see if I can post. Don't know if it will show up on main page as a new topic.
  19. Brian Jackson

    test see if this new post shows up on main page.
  20. Brian Jackson

    Tires: What types you use and why

    With all of the different tread patterns, profiles and other aspects to choose from, I'm curious what the folks here like and use for various reasons. I just ordered the landing gear components for my build and hadn't really considered this before now. After a phone call with a kind member here...