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  1. jcarleto

    Bensen Days 2018 Dates

    This is the banner for Bensen Days 2018. The dates for the event are April 4-7 2018. Site registration for camping will be cleared and open Jan 1, 2018. Sunstate members in good standing will get a 2 week "head start" for reservantions and open reservations will be accepted for all others will...
  2. jcarleto

    Peach State March 4, 2017 Quarterly Meeting

    Yep. Right around the corner. Our quarterly meetings are starting to get the look and feel of a smallish regional event. A little more growth and we will probably put on a more formal fly-in. It won't be long, I don't think. If you happen to be lost in the NW corner of Georgia on March 4...
  3. jcarleto

    Dec 3 2016 Peach State Quarterly Meeting

    It's coming up soon! This year, we are having a covered dish luncheon as part of our fly-in/meeting. We've had good success with our summer cookouts, so this just makes sense. All are welcome. The meeting will be, as usual, at our hangars at Cedartown, Georgia, Polk County Airport (4A4) and...
  4. jcarleto

    Time for the March Get-together/Meeting March 5 2016

    This Saturday, March 5, 2016 will be the next "official" meeting of Peach State Rotorcraft at our hangars at Cedartown, GA (4A4). You can find directions on this page: Gyronauts should start arriving around 9:00 and there will be a general meeting...
  5. jcarleto

    Quarterly Meeting Saturday Dec 5 2015

    This Saturday will be the regular quarterly meeting of Peach State Rotorcraft at the hangar at 4A4 (Cedartown, Polk County Airport -- Georgia). The gathering should run from about 9:00AM and run to lunchtime or a bit after. Dues are due this meeting and there will be an election of officers...
  6. jcarleto

    Quarterly Meeting Saturday Sep 5 2015

    Yep, I'm a bit late posting. It's been a busy time. THIS SATURDAY AT Cedartown (4A4)!!!! We have a lot to discuss regarding Wrens, Barry Days and other things. The weather is great for flying, so it is going to be a good meeting to attend.
  7. jcarleto

    June 6 2015 Meeting at Cedartown

    This is a reminder that we are meeting at CEDARTOWN AIRPORT 4A4 (instead of Rome, GA KRMG) Saturday, June 6, 2015. Just look for the hangars with a bunch of cars and gyroplanes out front. Expect folks to be there by 9:00AM and the business meeting to start at 9:30AM. (Yes, I know it is...
  8. jcarleto

    Meeting March 7, 2015 ::SPECIAL NOTICE::

    Peach State Rotorcraft is changing our regular quarterly meeting location. Effective this coming meeting (March 7, 2015) and thereafter, unless otherwise noted, we will no longer meet at Rome, GA and will instead hold our regular meetings at the hangars at Polk County Airport, Cedartown, GA...
  9. jcarleto

    Yet Another Movie with a Gyro!

    I love finding gyroplanes in movies, TV shows and other things. Most who have been involved in gyroplanes for even a little while know about the Bond Movie (You Only Live Twice) and Mad Max. More recently, I have found an episode of the BBC Top Gear show and even a vintage episode of Dr. Who...
  10. jcarleto

    Quarterly Meeting Time at Rome, Georgia again (Sept 6)

    Next Saturday (September 6, 2014) we will gather again at KRMG for another of our quarterly meetings. Breakfast will be available (donation) courtesy of our local EAA Chapter 706, who generously allows us to use their facilities once a quarter for our meetings (we are not otherwise affiliated...
  11. jcarleto

    June 7, 2014 Meeting at KRMG

    It is time again for the Peach State quarterly meeting at Rome Georgia (KRMG). Breakfast will be served by EAA 709 (donation) for those interested. It should be a good one, so try not to miss it! Don't forget that on the following Saturday (June 14), Carrollton EAA has invited Peach State...
  12. jcarleto

    March Meeting at KRMG, Saturday, March 1, 2014

    Meeting time again. It's been a "frosty" winter. Time to get your head right for the coming Spring ('bout time). Word is that the new T-Shirts will be available. Just in time to show your colors for Bensen Days!
  13. jcarleto

    Live Eagle Cam

    My wife is a professor at Berry College in Rome, GA. Along with having the largest campus of all colleges (26,000 acres), they also have a resident nesting pair of eagles. The nest was discovered by one of my wife's students doing fieldwork. She focuses on bird-related research. This is the...
  14. jcarleto

    Catfish Bonanza! September 7, 2013

    This meeting at Rome, Georgia (Richard B. Russell Field) will feature not only the excellent breakfast served by our local EAA chapter, but lunch showcasing Bud ONeal's Catfish Extravaganza! This is one you do not want to miss! Also featured will be fresh-from-the-field corn and a variety of...
  15. jcarleto

    July 6 2013 BBQ at the Cedartown Hangar!

    We are having a BBQ at the Cedartown Hangar (hanger H-5 at 4A4) in Cedartown, Georgia this coming Saturday (July 6). It is primarily a Chapter 56 gathering, but all are welcome. Guests are welcome. Even guests of guests are welcome. Fly-ins are welcome. Trailer-ins are welcome. This is not...
  16. jcarleto

    June 1 2013 Meeting At KRMG Comin' Up!

    Wow! Great Weather! This is a marked change over the past 3 quarterly meetings. Despite all varieties of far-less-than-wonderful weather, we had a few brave souls in the air. I can only imagine what it will be like with clear skies and warm weather. Come one, come all! For directions and...
  17. jcarleto

    Dr Who Gyroplane Video

    I was watching some old Dr Who episodes a while ago and was surprised to see a fairly significant gyro film sequence in the 2nd episode of the 1974 Dr Who series titled "Planet of the Spiders." I mentioned this to Gerald Keasler who found this link: Planet of the Spiders Part2 - Video...
  18. jcarleto

    FAA MedXpress -- Ptooie!

    My medical just came due and I was informed that now one must fill out the form online instead of the paper form in the examiner's office. OK...I can do that. NOT! First, you have to get an account. In my case, the automatic send of a password by email meant significant time on the phone...
  19. jcarleto

    March 2, 2013 Meeting Coming Up!

    It will be here before you know it! We will be meeting at Rome (KRMG) as usual. For directions and more information see:
  20. jcarleto

    Dec 1 2012 Meeting at Rome, GA (KRMG)

    The last meeting of 2012 is on short approach. For details, directions and other "stuff" visit our website at: This is our "Christmas" meeting and also includes election of officers.