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  1. jcarleto

    Bensen Days 2018 Dates

    This is the banner for Bensen Days 2018. The dates for the event are April 4-7 2018. Site registration for camping will be cleared and open Jan 1, 2018. Sunstate members in good standing will get a 2 week "head start" for reservantions and open reservations will be accepted for all others will...
  2. jcarleto

    670 gyro

    Sure, sure. Raise the bar once again for those of us who just use duct tape. :noidea:
  3. jcarleto

    electric trim

    Lots of folks use linear actuator motors for that purpose. One of the Peach State guys used one on an Air Command. It wasn't difficult...just hooked it to the trim spring and wired it to a switch. It was one like this (though I am not recommending this one or this company)...
  4. jcarleto

    Bensendays who is going

    Doug, If your "maybe" solidifies, please look me up. I would enjoy meeting you if it is convenient. My camping spot is the tent location in the far SE corner.
  5. jcarleto

    Starbee website?

    Mike, I was speaking generally about people doing a "search" for rather than entering the URL in the URL window. Searching for something unknown or forgotten is the reason for search engines. I did not intend my comment to be a specific critique, but rather a very...
  6. jcarleto

    Starbee website?

    What may be happening is traversing the site via the search bar rather than the URL bar is sending those who are experiencing difficulties to google or bing first, and the search engine is blocking the site due to old issues that have not been cleared. I am not specifically seeing that problem...
  7. jcarleto

    Starbee website?

    The site is fine. It may not be compatible with some versions of Micro$oft Internet so many sites these days.
  8. jcarleto

    Peach State March 4, 2017 Quarterly Meeting

    Bump! There is a rumor going around that such celebrities as Steve McGowan may attend. There is also a rumor there may be music (not accordions).
  9. jcarleto

    Peach State March 4, 2017 Quarterly Meeting

    Yep. Right around the corner. Our quarterly meetings are starting to get the look and feel of a smallish regional event. A little more growth and we will probably put on a more formal fly-in. It won't be long, I don't think. If you happen to be lost in the NW corner of Georgia on March 4...
  10. jcarleto

    2017 Carolina BarnStormers Spring Fling

    Yeah...notice no mention of cool, new aircraft....I'm leaning toward the dead skunk hunt. :eek:
  11. jcarleto

    Maximum airspeed - limiting factors?

    Might be a good thing to look at retreating blade stall as a limitation to airspeed as well.
  12. jcarleto

    Happy Birthday Jon Carleton!

    Woo-hoo! I get to apply for a reduction in School Tax on my Property Tax FINALLY!!!! ...and oh yes, thank you all!
  13. jcarleto

    Pra virus!!!

    If I am right about what's going on, there isn't much you can do. It isn't coming from the website, but the data may have been mined there. They might have just gone through the site and collected every email address they found. Lots of software for create spam lists. Then they...
  14. jcarleto

    Pra virus!!!

    I have a copy of the rascal if you need it. Just let me know what email address you want to pollute with it. (I keep a separate email account for receiving known evils and recommend the practice).
  15. jcarleto

    Pra virus!!!

    Yep. It's malware targeting Windows systems. Apparently, either they are mining the pages on the PRA site for email addresses and pretending to be a PRA representative or they've gotten into the code again. I suspect the former. I know that my name and email is in the clear on a page with...
  16. jcarleto

    Finally !!

    'bout time! 'bout time! Hallelujah!!!!! (and that's all I have to say on the matter)
  17. jcarleto

    2017 Carolina BarnStormers Spring Fling

    Hmmm...what kind of surprises? Are we talking about the, "See the new, fancy, cool aircraft in the hangar." kind of surprises or the, "We have gone through all the insulation and STILL can't find the dead skunks in the hangar walls." kind of surprises?
  18. jcarleto

    Unknown autogyro

    Looks like a modified RFD Dominator. It is that basic, drop-keel Bensen design. The main gear looks Dominator-ish. Different nose gear, probably to accommodate the larger wheels. Different instrument pod. That does not seem to be a RFD rotor-head. I'd guess it is some sort of Dominator...
  19. jcarleto

    Another 360 Gyro Flying Video

    It's all about the player. If you watch the video from the YouTube site using a standard browser online (without saving it to your computer/tablet/phone), or with a specific, up to date YouTube player for your device, then it should work just fine. You may expect it to FAIL and give the...
  20. jcarleto

    Bensen days camping

    ..and then, there were 5. It looks like another good year for Bensen Days. The 30amp spots should be gone by the end of January and I doubt the 10amp spots will last past the middle of February.