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    New and improved FloatGyro

    Sorry, to clarify; one of 3 amphib MTO gyros on Puddle Jumper floats.
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    New and improved FloatGyro

    Hi Randy, You absolutely right. Mine are amphib Puddle Jumper floats with fully retractable wheels. One of 3 in existence, however mine is setup quite differently from the other 2, as I have done a lot of modifications to enhance performance. Lowered the machine by 2 inches onto the floats to...
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    New and improved FloatGyro

    Hi John, Not at all. She is very stable in flight. As an amphibian, I can take off on land or water and can land in water with my wheels down without any issues as the wheels are located around the CG and landing is at a low speed or even zero speed. She definitely needed more power to be fully...
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    New and improved FloatGyro

    You ust be truly excited. I'm very happy for ya fullfilling that float dream. The AirCam is probably one of the safest amphibs in that configuration. You will enjoy it, Im pretty sure. Hope we can indeed link up with some side by side float stuff. Let me know when u are done and pictures pleeeaaase!
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    New and improved FloatGyro

    Finally sold my 8.4m blades and replaced them with Autogyros 8.8m line. Enjoyed the flight after a long hiatus. Interesting, rotors spin slower at approx 310RPM vrs 380 before. Lots of flying to do in the coming weeks/months.
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    Nouveau gyro, le Airic 02

    Looks like a modification to an Air Creation Clipper Trike.No doubt.
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    Flying with the Angels... Kent Goddard

    Love You Kent, May you RIP!!!! U were an inspiration to me, and i learnt a lot from you even though u never realized it. Your warm heart touched me, your kindness amazed me, your thoughtfulness and gratiousness surprised me. Never thought for one minute u were suffering; suffering with a heart...
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    Gyros, any questions

    BTW, that is indeed Gary, a buddy of mine. He is an awesome trike pilot and instructor and we live and fly around the same airspace.Great videographer and camera man also. Hope to link up with him soon after i receive my new 8.8m wing due to arrive in February. Cant wait..
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    Gyros, any questions

    I was into trikes, owned a trike then switched to gyros. Best decision of my life. Will never go back. This is soley my opinion and dont mean to offend any trike pilot. For a bystander looking at a gyro vrs a trike, they kinda feel the trike is more like a poor mans airplane with fabric wings...
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    Affordable Insurance List Your Name Here

    Okay, I thought this thread was long dead then it showed up again. My effort to get insurance when I started this list long ago failed, but I have gone ahaead and updated the list, just in case the Insurance climate has changed and maybe John Roundtree or someone else can guide us on.Thanks. To...
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    MTO Rotor Blades FOR SALE

    80 Hrs on the blades. Price dropped to $2200 to expedite sale. I fly an amphibious gyro and the new 8.8m rotors are now available for gyros on floats.:peace:
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    Autogyro mto sport blades for sale

    80 hrs use. Always hangared. Upgrading from 8.4m standard blades to extra long 8.8m blades for my amphib gyro. Beginning to fly more with heavy passengers and factory recommends these for my amphib. Will sell for 2900 OBO. Contact me at 850-292-2005
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    FOR SALE. 80hrs on 8.4 M Blades

    Hi guys, decided to upgrade to 8.8m blades as i have began to carry heavier passengers on my Amphibious MTO Sport Gyro. Will let these blades go for $2900 or best offer that is reasonable. Only 80 hrs on blades. Im located in Pensacola, FL. Serious Buyers only please. Thanks.
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    Porsche Orange Autogyro MTO Sport For Sale

    Congratulations on ur quick sale Jeff. Sad to see u go fixed wing but great choice indeed. I will b truly open to fly alongside in my amphibious gyro, if u open to doing something some day with gyro in company. Should be fun. U can get my number from Desmond anytime if u setting up some...
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    Porsche Orange Autogyro MTO Sport For Sale

    Loftus, So sad. beautiful gyro. Hope that one day, we can get together and do some flying. Cant wait to see that Aircam on floats. Lovely airplane. Let me know whenever you are headed south with it. Would love to come along for the adventure. Touring surrounding waterways around Florida would...
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    We lost FJ today .... he's flying on angel wings now!

    Chris, I met FJ briefly at Bensen days in Wauchula 2015. He was so excited about this new adventure. I'm taken aback and grieving with you, just as all the others on this forum and everyone else in your lives. This is a huge loss to all. Yes, so much sadness lately. Nothing I can say can take...
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    New Gyro

    Check this out
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    Seriously, MTO Failed Prerotator bracket at 70hrs

    Adjustment Of Air Valve Adjustment Of Air Valve Hi Capt Gyro, Tried to adjust this air valve as you described and don't see any difference in time of engagement. Seems like both engage at about the same time. Any suggestions?
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    Seriously, MTO Failed Prerotator bracket at 70hrs

    To purposefully design failure into the bracket, there would have to be significant tests demonstrating the critical force that would break the gear box, then purposefully design a bracket to fail under that threshhold. So, if that was not done, I would assume the design of the bracket is not...
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    Seriously, MTO Failed Prerotator bracket at 70hrs

    Capt Gyro, The only thing I can say to that is it would be one thing if the engineers intentionally designed it to fail. I suspect that was not the case. Apollo intentionally designed theirs not to fail and and it's on the same gear box. Fara has made reference to that, so I personally feel...