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    New and improved FloatGyro

    Finally sold my 8.4m blades and replaced them with Autogyros 8.8m line. Enjoyed the flight after a long hiatus. Interesting, rotors spin slower at approx 310RPM vrs 380 before. Lots of flying to do in the coming weeks/months.
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    MTO Rotor Blades FOR SALE

    80 Hrs on the blades. Price dropped to $2200 to expedite sale. I fly an amphibious gyro and the new 8.8m rotors are now available for gyros on floats.:peace:
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    Autogyro mto sport blades for sale

    80 hrs use. Always hangared. Upgrading from 8.4m standard blades to extra long 8.8m blades for my amphib gyro. Beginning to fly more with heavy passengers and factory recommends these for my amphib. Will sell for 2900 OBO. Contact me at 850-292-2005
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    FOR SALE. 80hrs on 8.4 M Blades

    Hi guys, decided to upgrade to 8.8m blades as i have began to carry heavier passengers on my Amphibious MTO Sport Gyro. Will let these blades go for $2900 or best offer that is reasonable. Only 80 hrs on blades. Im located in Pensacola, FL. Serious Buyers only please. Thanks.
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    New Gyro

    Check this out
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    Seriously, MTO Failed Prerotator bracket at 70hrs

    Im very disappointed!Discovered a failed prerotator bracket during my annual. Unbelievable as I never push it hard and seldom prerotate to 200. I believe the high incidence of failures in Autogyros Prerotator brackets warrants a recall on those parts. This is absolutely preposterous that a high...
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    EZ Custom System:to remove/install rotor

    Guys, I came up with a really cool and easy way to install and put up your rotor or take it down. I think the pictures are self explanatory and gyronauts are welcome to try this. You will need a ladder like mine that fits from the ground to the top of the mast. Fit it with a pulley or buy one...
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    Time for an upgrade

    Had a blast flying this beast this summer. Now, its time for an upgrade. 130HP of pure muscle to manage the extra weight of floats and passenger. Oversized 84mm piston (ceramic coated) replacing original 115HP Pistons.(i believe 79mm) plus custom camshaft work to take the extra load. I'm...
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    Best way to test for Vso on gyro

    Hi guys, Would appreciate ur input on how u guys actually tested the Vso for your EAB gyros? Thanks. Sincerely,V
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    Few Test Numbers from my Amphibious Gyro

    Here are some test numbers from my gyro with amphibious floats. Weight 740pounds Useful load 492 pounds At 4500rpm = 59mph 5000rpm = 78mph 5500rpm = 88mph 5800rpm = 100mph I placed elevators on the rear topside of the floats and they work well as designed. When I pull back on the...
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    Affordable Insurance List Your Name Here

    Finally, today is a good day. I spoke with my friend who owns an insurance company. They have agreed to structure a program for gyroplane pilots. They will be working through a large Foreign Insurance company to offer affordable rates to all. They need a list compiled, so here goes:
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    Getting Gyro Insurance? Is there a way?

    Hi Everyone, Ive looked into Gyro insurance before but never purchased it due to the prohibitive cost. Is there a way all of us gyronuts could sign up as a group and present the large group to an insurance company to benefit us all with a group insurance policy. This maybe an area that may or...
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    Another Float Gyro Video

    Flying in paradise.. From my friends in the Seychelles islands. Another perspective of flying and why its great to b able to do both... Hope I can get into making some videos of my own one day. Amazing quality of production.
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    Float Gyros in Seychelles

    Here is a recent video of my buddy with his clients float Gyros. Flying 2 up.
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    BRS test

    Thought this might interest some folks out here. Looks like an MTO/Calidus rotorhead.
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    Finally... some videos demonstrating my amphibious MTO Sport on floats. Its on Vimeo at MVI_0008 on Vimeo and MVI_0010 on Vimeo
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    High Thrust Line Machine

    Hi Guys, before i proceed with my modification for my float MTO gyro, I want to pick some opinions out there. Knowing full well the MTO on Floats is high thrust line because of the floats,I'm considering installing a lightwight composite horizontal stabilizer between the main vertical...
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    Reveresible Pitch prop parachute system

    I just thought of this. How about a reversible pitch prop hat is easily activated in the event of a bunt over or rotor failure. As you head nose down toward the ground, the switch is activated which repositions the pitch on the main propeller. You gun your engine leading to a reversal in airflow...
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    Gyro-brs-airbag concept

    The sudden flurry of accidents got me thinking about the BRS in gyros. I know most of you experienced gyro flyers out there dont believe in gyros needing BRS's. Guess what.. Ask those none believers who got saved with a BRS on their airplanes and lived to see another day. They became avid...
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    Pitch stability

    This is a general question about pitch stability in gyros. Most gyronaughts are of the consensus that there definitely is a neeed for the horizontal stabilizer, be it high, central or low. Believe it or not but i know of one who absolutely refuses to use one on an RAF... No way Josey will I...