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    Enclosed Gyro trailer for sale

    Up for sale is my large custom enclosed trailer built for gyro's. The body is 18ft long and over 22ft at the hitch. 8ft wide, 10 ft interior height and springs are softened for aircraft transport. This trailer is like Ernie Boyette's, just a few feet shorter. It is nice not having to worry about...
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    4 point harness with retractor. (at B-days)

    Nice 4 point harness with manual shoulder retraction. Let's you move more freely. Has mast mount included. Never installed on gyro. $100. O.B.O. 90four-fiveo1-seven3o3
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    Air Command wheel pants (B-Days)

    SOLD.... Never used wheel pants. $75.00 O.B.O. Will have at Bensen Days. 9ofour-fiveo1-seven3o3
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    Loaded Dominator for sale.

    I am selling my single place Dominator N3845V. I have a 2 place also and just need to thin the herd (and the wife likes to ride, so.... :) This Dominator is equipped with a true 100 h.p. Subaru EA-81, twin Mikuni's, Neil Hintz AutoFlight redrive, mounted Vertex 220 radio with hard mounted...
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    Comtronics helmet.

    I have a Comtronics Ultra Pro HF helmet for sale. Been in the hangar for awhile. My head is a little too fat for it. :) Some minor paint chipped,scratches. (see pics) It's an x-large. Metallic wine with electric mic. Great for open seat gyros. $225 includes shipping in lower 48. (New is...
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    Older Comtronics box.

    I have an older Comtronics Dual Com for sale. We have used it at Wauchula for new aircraft for pilot, passenger communications. I do not have any cables for it. Great for a spare for current owners. Only works with the older style dynamic mic helmets. $49, shipping included in lower 48...
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    Ross redrive for EA81.

    I recently bought an engine/redrive package and do not need the redrive. Ross 2.17 prsu with approx 20 hours. #409 from 1995-96. $2350.
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    Warp Drive Prop blades 60"

    Selling a set of near new Warp Drive prop blades. About 3 hours on them. 3 blade, 60", $450 shipping included in lower 48. Contact here, or call 904-827-9539 which will get me quicker.
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    Ernie's Yamanator for sale.

    Ernie is listing his 150 hp, 2 place Dominator for sale. It is the blue one currently here at Bensen Days. $32,000. He will consider some trading in weapons or ammo. (AK-47's, etc.) If interested, call his shop or list your contact on this thread. He may not get his messages at his shop...
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    Bensen days items for sale.

    I plan to be cleaning out my hangar by taking several items to Bensen days for sale. 3 Comtronics helmets, 1 XL full face, 1 large, 1 med with dynamic mic. Full set of Air Command wheel pants, new. Nose and 2 mains. 2-6.5 ft alum ramps rated to 400 lb each 1 Pacific Scientific inertia reel...
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    FAA Tower Closures.

    Who is affected by the tower closures? My location is confirmed as of today. (KSGJ) I suspect it will make for a more relaxed experience here, but time will tell. :noidea:
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    Just some photos from a friend that I wanted to share. What a change! I remember when........ The plastic wrap is Atlantis in it's new home.
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    Gyro utility trailer. $1000.

    Have an open trailer with winch set up for gyro transport for sale. I removed back ramp boards for better mileage but they are available. Also have blade supports for this trailer to be included. (They are light weight and I would not use for long hauls)
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    Dominator 912 rolling frame. $1500.

    SOLD! Thanks!
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    Dominator for sale, $7900.

    Posted a Dominator in the classifieds. Info there.
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    Gyro trailer for sale

    Built an open trailer for my 2 place Dom and found an enclosed as I was finishing. Open trailer now for sale. Will be at Bensen Days available for any purchased gyro. Single axle, boat style trailer heavier then most this style. Very strong frame covered in 2x6's for all wheel bases and...
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    Had a visitor at SGJ today.

    Just missed my chance to catch him on the tarmac.:(
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    Garmin Comparison?

    Anyone able to give a user's impression on the Garmin -96 series vs the newer 500 series Aera'S
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    Border Patrol Blackhawk at Sebring!?

    Gotta vent........... Flew the wife over to Sebring this morning and noticed immediately on approach the large helo on the pad. As I taxied to the restaurant and passed this quite new beautifully painted Blackhawk I was stunned to see U.S. Border Patrol on the side. She was still tied down from...
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    Government approves 15% Ethanol.

    So did you hear the next great program for new jobs is official today? E 15 is to be for sale at gas stations but only for 2007 and newer cars (so far). When the government decides it's safe for 2001-2006 cars we will be notified. I'm glad we are being looked after so well! Anyone want to...