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    Advisory Directive Grounding TAG with Folding Mast

    There is a AD out on TAG with the folding mast option after a fatal that killed two in Australia.
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    Advisory Directive Grounding TAG with Folding Mast

    There is a AD out on TAG with the folding mast option after a fatal that killed two in Australia.
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    N6372K Mad Max II fate?

    Does anyone know the fate of N6372K Mad Max II tandem that was built by Brad King and then owned by Gary Buster (who recently passed)? In this thread Mr. Buster was trying to sell the gyro but I don't know if it sold and if so where it went to...
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    John Uptigrove has Passed

    Composite FX reports on their Facebook page that John Uptigrove, designer of the Mosquito helicopter, has passed in an accident. My condolences to the family of such an innovative man, he will be missed.
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    Sotahaukka Tractor Gyro

    Found this video on Youtube and was wondering if anyone might have any information on this interesting tractor design?
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    Heads-Up on MZ Engines

    The information I have received from those who deal with a certain ultralight helicopter is that Leon of Compact Radial Engines sold the MZ line of engines to a China company and all parts inventory were shipped to the new owners. From what I understand no spare parts are currently available...
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    EAA Pitcairn PA-39 Autogiro

    For you tractor fans: I see the EAA has updated their web page for the Pitcairn PA-39 that is in their museum. While this beautiful machine has been photographed before normally the cockpit is covered over, now they have included pictures of the cockpit and it's unique control yoke. It would...
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    Mosquito Heli Roof Crash

    Mosquito down on home roof:
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    Texas Based ELA G8 Video

    Matt Pearson put together a video of his ELA G8, came out rather good I think .................
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    N203FD Super Sky Cycle

    Interesting, says the machine was deregistered and sent to Indonesia.
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    No Thumbs generated for old thread pictures.

    Someone was looking for an old thread and I found it but the thumbs for the pictures are not being generated, at least for me. I can open a picture link in a new tab and it will show the full size image, such as...
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    Texas Flooding

    Lakeview airport just North of Dallas and after last nights rains were getting quite a view of the lake. Matt snapped these pictures today and with half the runway underwater his ELA is the only aircraft able to operate out of the airport. .
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    First Kit Built ELA G8 in USA

    The first kit built ELA G8 in the US nears completion here in Texas, purchased from Aerotrek by Matt Pearson. As we have come to learn this is the first ever kitted ELA G8 produced (all others have been factory built in Spain) so there have been a few...
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    Air Command International is for sale.

    Air Command International is for sale. 82 year old owner is ready to retire. .
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    For sale on Ebay

    Ran across this on Ebay, :der: .
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    Skycycle on Craigslist .
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    One or Two Bearings?

    Is it standard practice to use a single bearing rotorhead on a heavy two-place Aircommand? .
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    Pitcairn PA-39 at EAA Museum

    Of the seven Pitcairn PA-39s built for the RAF only one remains and it resides at the EAA Museum. Apparently this autogiro used a control wheel instead of a stick, not too surprising since it's jump capable...
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    Dominator Tall Tail Mounting Specs

    I'm looking for enough detailed information on the metal Dominator tall-tail mounting to build the mounts without having the actual tail present so any information would be appreciated. This is for a friend constructing a non-Dominator but plans to buy a tall-tail from Ernie, just want to have...
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    Tandem Keel Tube Question

    The builder of a 2 place tandem machine similar in design to the tandem Dominator has decided to use 2x2 .120" 6061-T6 sq aluminum with a spruce beam insert as a keel tube, is this an acceptable practice? .