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    Gyro Tech vs Sportcopter Blades
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    Hornet CAD files

    To my knowledge no CAD files were released, just the plans.
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    Listing of "Technical Books, Papers and Publications"

    I have created a PDF of the Technical Papers search results with clickable links but it's too large a file at 2.8 Megs to upload it.
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    Rotor blades - Airworthiness Directive - Celier - Trendak - Argo

    Here are a couple of postings that might be of interest, it shows that at one time at least one of the manufacturers of these types of machines was considering mast and head dampening.
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    Flapping warning device

    Stall warning devices are so common on fixed wing aircraft as to become standard, I can't understand why any pilot would object to something similar for gyroplanes if the details can be worked out. Just from casual observation it seems that more rotor management accidents occur to gyros with...
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    Flapping warning device

    A friend here in the US has operated his hard-linked nosegear ELA G8 for around 400 hours with no issues so it's not the ticking time bomb that many make it out to be. Hard or semi hard linking is necessary on machines that use a single master cylinder to activate the brakes.
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    Overhead Stick - Drag vs. Control at Higher Speeds?

    Cierva did use a reversing link so the movement of the overhead stick's grip mimicked that of a stick controlled airplane, i.e. back for pitch up and right for right roll. Pitcairn did also as you can see in this video. Many years back I ran across information about a study that was done...
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    It depends on the head design and if the teeter bearings are in the towers or teeter block. European typically put bearings in the teeter block and are hand tight, others use bearings in the towers and the bolt is torqued to specs to keep the "Hats" tight against the teeter block.
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    Help! Need to replace inner tube

    Here's another source of tubes:
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    Hang Balance VS. Flight Test Pilot of different weight

    I would suggest that if there is a significant weight difference between you and the test pilot that a second set of cheek plates be made for the test flying phase.
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    Ralph's electric prerotator for GyroBee

    Found an article by Ralph Taggart about his electric Gyrobee prerotator.
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    Ralph's electric prerotator for GyroBee

    Just FYI for history. Although this thread is titled electric prerotator most of the information and pictures are for Taggart's R/C glow engine version. Ralph did build and experiment with an electric prerotator also blade mounted, basically replacing the glow engines with electric motors and...
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    Flapping warning device

    Below a nominal rpm, which according to the manual appears to be set at 250, it is looking at a positive acceleration of the rotor to indicate a safe condition and a de-acceleration to indicate an unsafe or impending rotor flap. So the question is, does the rotor begin to de-accelerate if...
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    Flapping warning device

    That's not how it's operation is described in the manual, have a read.
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    Flapping warning device

    Interesting, it's looking at rotor acceleration or de-acceleration to assess a safe state, is there any review of the device somewhere?
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    Prerotator power required vs RRPM

    The problem with using a straight line graph is at first glance one might think that power vs rpm is linear and so doesn't develop the proper understanding of how much additional power is necessary to achieve the higher rotor rpms. Rotor power follows cube law, that is doubling rpm requires 8...
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    AR-1 N147AR - Florida - tail strike

    You could take rotor rpm and forward speed into account but if the pilot allows too much forward speed vs rotor rpm flapping angle will become excessive so it seems that an alarm based on flapping angle alone might be sufficient, an alarm that sounds at some angle before the rotor starts to hit...
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    AR-1 N147AR - Florida - tail strike

    Planes have stall angle alarms, gyros could benefit from a flap angle alarm.
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    Started building a DR1 helicopter

    With all due respect the welding is full of defects and is not of aircraft quality even for a homebuilt, no DAR worth their salt would pass such construction. I would suggest you consult with someone experienced in aircraft welding or if you are a member of the EAA one of their Technical...
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    Dominator Tandem Gyro (Davey's green monster)

    I believe that landing is part of the spot landing competition, you can see them measuring off the distance after the landing.