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  1. dinoa

    RFD slider set up

    I’m about to make the cheek plates for a RFD slider head. What is the preferred gap between the pitch yoke and the slider pin receivers? What is the distance between centres of the upper cheek plate holes? And finally, should the slider springs be pretensioned or set up slack?
  2. dinoa

    Changing rotor spec on Mosquito heli

    What effect would going from a 7" chord rotor to 8" have? I've found a set of older Xenon extruded blades similar to older MTO blades that I'm thinking of shortening. Each blade weighs 26 lbs. Xenon gyroplane rotor 28' , Mosquito helicopter rotor 20'.
  3. dinoa

    Hughes 269 blades on Mosquito

    I'm considering using cut down run out Hughes 269 blades on a Mosquito type build. What's the best place to look? Anyone got any for sale? Is it even worth considering?
  4. dinoa

    old photos

    from a while back
  5. dinoa

    How limber a mast?

    How limber should a gyro mast be? What would be the optimum deflection and spring rate at the rotor bolt to isolate 2/rev vibration for say: RFD 23' rotor 600 lbs lift 36" mast cantilever from clamped upper support to rotor bolt Mast rake aligned to thrust vector at 60 mph cruise Mast material...
  6. dinoa

    blade bending

    I want these blades on my gyro
  7. dinoa

    Push Pull Gyro

    Anyone seen anything like this?
  8. dinoa

    Weight Rotax 912 vs Yamaha YG4

    Just to clarify the weight issue and since no weight breakdown of the YG4 and ancillaries that compares directly with the Rotax 912 is available, here is my best estimate: YG4 naked 125lbs C box PSRU 17.6lbs Oil tank, connections, hoses 5lbs? Sprag or roller clutch 3lbs ? Adapter block to PSRU...
  9. dinoa

    Ela 07

    ELA 07 for sale Euro 29,500 Very good condition 865 hours Rotax 914 All items included as per pictures Can facilitate shipment Can be flown in USA as Experimental Exhibition Qualifies as Euro UL Located Greece email [email protected]
  10. dinoa

    Polish CF blades

    Just came across this Dino
  11. dinoa

    Sky Wheels 23' and more

    23' Sky Wheels rotor $1500 5 gal AC seat tank and cover $100 Warp Drive 72" Left hand, can be shortened, with HP hub drilled for SAE1 (4" circle) like Tenessee props, and 75mm circle for Rotax, for EA81 direct drive pusher or Rotax two stroke tractor, new in box $450 Prop hub...
  12. dinoa

    Air Command EA81 parting out

    Frame including cheek plates, motor mount rudder pedals, pump stick $2500 Sky Wheels 25' rotor 1500 seat tank 9 gallon 120 tail air command vertical, wood fabric stab 250...
  13. dinoa

    6 cyl D-motor on coax helo

    Video of 6 cylinder D-motor on coaxial helicopter. Dino
  14. dinoa

    Helicopter Ed

    Can anyone give me Helicopter Ed's contact info by PM. Thanks, Dino
  15. dinoa

    promising new diesel

    A new Junkers type diesel is under development funded by UK MOD to replace gas outboards Another attempt at alternative power worth following. Dino
  16. dinoa

    Electric Pre-Rotor Head

    1.4 lbs/7hp should fit nicely. Dino
  17. dinoa

    Molnar gyro cycle

    Catch this Meet Dezsö Molnár and His Flying GyroCycle - YouTube Dino
  18. dinoa

    Fliege gyrocopter

    Another way Dino
  19. dinoa

    Big Helo loop gone bad

    Helicopter Loop or salto mortale - YouTube If he just had another 200ft. Dino
  20. dinoa

    Fa 330 combat use narrative

    Just ran across something that gyro history buffs might find interesting. It relates to combat use of the Focke Agelis Fa 330 gyro kite on a type IXD2 “long range U-Cruiser”. “On this trip, [from Bordeaux, France to the Indian Ocean, U-Boat commander]’ Gysae’s U-177 was equipped with a new day...