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    Mountain airfield dangers - discuss

    The slope of terrain is very difficult to judge at height. A rule of thumb is that slope appears to be about half of what it really is. This is important when choosing a place to land.
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    Mountain airfield dangers - discuss

    Distorted horizontal reference when flying below the ridge line of surrounding terrain. Flying close to terrain against fall line that is rising. Similar to flying into a box canyon in a fixed wing. While the gyro can complete a u turn in a short radius it doesn’t have the ability to convert...
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    Twin rudders on a larger horizontal stab would have helped
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    RFD slider set up

    Thank’s Jake. Just thought I’d ask the question 3 different ways
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    RFD slider set up

    I’m about to make the cheek plates for a RFD slider head. What is the preferred gap between the pitch yoke and the slider pin receivers? What is the distance between centres of the upper cheek plate holes? And finally, should the slider springs be pretensioned or set up slack?
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    Fatal Gyro Accident in Putnam County, Fl

    Could the high power and thrust to weight ratio have something to do with it?
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    AutoGyro issues??

    Wonder what “legacy financial issues” they are referring to.
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    Avimech dragonfly DF-1

    Expensive, hard to get fuel that is consumed at a prodigious rate. I’d love to try one.
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    Effect of prerotation on takeoff distance

    You don't have to fly to understand the theory of flight. A monkey can learn to fly but will have difficulty calculating the take off roll of a gyro.
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    Electric Pre-Rotator

    Old VW 6volt starters ran fine on 12V
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    Ken Wallis Wooden Rotor Blade Construction Revealed

    Never used it but worth a test
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    Ken Wallis Wooden Rotor Blade Construction Revealed

    This is available in smaller (expensive) quantities
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    Ken Wallis Wooden Rotor Blade Construction Revealed

    Organo-silanes are often used as "sizing" to coat fabrics used in laminates to aid bonding.
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    All Talk, No Action

    Whatever the OP's achievements, they are negated by the very abusive post.
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    Changing rotor spec on Mosquito heli

    What effect would going from a 7" chord rotor to 8" have? I've found a set of older Xenon extruded blades similar to older MTO blades that I'm thinking of shortening. Each blade weighs 26 lbs. Xenon gyroplane rotor 28' , Mosquito helicopter rotor 20'.
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    Build thread on the GT-VX2 Explorer.

    Meticulous build
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    Hughes 269 blades on Mosquito

    Would you care to reveal the price?
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    Hughes 269 blades on Mosquito

    I'm considering using cut down run out Hughes 269 blades on a Mosquito type build. What's the best place to look? Anyone got any for sale? Is it even worth considering?
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    Swedish yoke

    Bamboo has nodes so the fibers are not all continuous. It may have been used for millenia, but it's not optimal.