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    A new year is on the way

    happy New year Jake
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    Training may likely be the issue why so many Euro Gyro Accidents

    I will just say that, I am one of those that has the gift of good seat of the pants feel... operating any kind of machinery comes natural to me. I guess I should consider myself blessed. So perhaps it is hard for me to imagine what it is like to try to learn and then fly any aircraft, but...
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    Training may likely be the issue why so many Euro Gyro Accidents

    This is just my two cents, and I could be 100 percent wrong about this.... But.... I do wonder if the people who are getting involved in gyroplane flying in the last 10 years or so, that came to Gyros to own and fly the expensive euro gyros, and who likely have gotten their instruction from...
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    Dragon wing blades

    Gyro, fuel and yourself in the seat is going to be 450 pounds? If so that will be very light weight, and 23 will be fine if not a hair too big of a disk.
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    This forum?

    This forum is owned by Todd Powell. Todd is a Firefighter, and also works at the firefighter's credit union. His wife runs a restaurant that I am sure he is involved with as well. He, like me, rediscovered riding dirtbikes as a hobby and he spends time out on two wheels. He was flying...
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    Mars here we come - Elon Musk's new toy

    Landing looked almost fake, then when the dust settled, looks like the rocket was destroyed?
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    President trump

    Whose minds are any of you all trying to change? Each of us has our own views and we are all pretty well dug in with what we believe. This thread has run its course already.....
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    Has the purchase of the Mentone Airport proven worthwhile ?

    Have you been to Mentone? The airport property doesn't have farm land. But there is area where grass can be grown and bailed ( hay ) Far as I know, no one has lived at the airport.... But they did bring in a double wide trailer house to use as PRA office space. I suppose someone could...
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    Has the purchase of the Mentone Airport proven worthwhile ?

    That is a common complaint I have heard many times. Reality is, for all these years hardly anyone has ever based at Mentone or used mentone for anything other than when we have used it for the convention. I know at one point Duane Hunn was using it as a base for his instruction business...
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    Has the purchase of the Mentone Airport proven worthwhile ?

    And EAA is a massive organization that had the resources and numbers to convince the people in Winnebago county to let them invest into their airport and likely got a long term contract allowing EAA to use that airport for that purpose. EAA puts on a very professional event, and they bring...
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    Has the purchase of the Mentone Airport proven worthwhile ?

    The complaints about Mentone is too far away annoy me. The EAA has held it's convention in Oshkosk for Far longer than the PRA used Mentone. And EAA doesn't seem to be drug down by folks whining that Oshkosh is too far away. EAA people use it as a destination and make it happen, either...
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    Why I have always hated Rotax

    I feel that the yamaha is a perfectly suitable engine for conversion purposes. Any engine can have problems And any engine can be made to be loud or quiet ( within reason, hard to make the engine in a Harrier Jump jet quiet ) It would be up to the builder to decide if noise reduction is...
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    Has the purchase of the Mentone Airport proven worthwhile ?

    In my opinon, what is done is done. No way to go back in time and change history. I think that at the time, it was a good decision. Fast forwards to today, and recreational flying in general is not nearly what it used to be ( far less people involved these days ) and home building has...
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    Why I have always hated Rotax

    My yamaha powered gyro, when first put together, I used a 20$ straight through glass pack muffler I picked up at Tractor supply company, that was meant to be used on a antique Ford tractor. If anything, it was probably louder than had I just not used any type of muffler at all. I redid...
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    ROTORS turning or static whilst taxiing ??

    Once I am clear of people and other machines, I spin up the blades to 100 or more RRPM and taxi to the end of the runway with the blades spinning. You have to be mindful of RRPM not to flap the blades, but oftentimes by the time I reach the runway the blades are well above the speed needed...
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    Why I have always hated Rotax

    Yall a bunch of haters!!!! Let's see.... Rotax got its beginnings in aviation cause some folks took it upon themselves to try using some of their two stroke sled engines in ultralight airplanes. Not much different than what some are doing today, by pulling Yamaha sled engines and...
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    Vance Breese Mentone 2020

    Oh and btw, I flew two gyros at the fly-in on Saturday.... Didn't bother to check the paperwork or legality of either before flying them. Didn't check, didn't give 2 Shiets about it either! Had fun and enjoyed myself, which was the point of flying in the first place
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    Vance Breese Mentone 2020

    I wish I had seen that this thread had new activity before I went to the fly-in this past weekend. Greg Mills was there, even sat down beside me while I ate my lunch. I am bothered that he called the FAA on Vance. I would have loved to have called him out on it in person in front of the...
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    Constant speed prop on a gyro, anyone care to share the experience?

    I am not a fan of the ivo prop in that the prop blades are held to the hub by friction between the inner and outer prop hub plates, with a knurled surface. If the prop ever gets loose in the hub it will get very loose very quickly, and can eject a blade, which obviously can have deadly...
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    Stan saying hi

    Stan call me sometime and I will give you some ideas on how to get rid of all that clover in your lawn!