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    Training may likely be the issue why so many Euro Gyro Accidents

    This is just my two cents, and I could be 100 percent wrong about this.... But.... I do wonder if the people who are getting involved in gyroplane flying in the last 10 years or so, that came to Gyros to own and fly the expensive euro gyros, and who likely have gotten their instruction from...
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    Aerobatics and stuff

    Miss flying a gyro, but this is my new fix
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    UK steve, Vance, etc.... Help seeked finding info on old accident

    Weird subject, but I had a uncle that became a pilot and worked his way up to flying commercial and possibly even ATP. He was the only one in my family that ever caught the flying bug. Sadly, he died in a plane crash when I was still a kid, and I never got much of a explanation of what...
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    Aviation GPS system for sale, CHEAP!

    I have a Lowrance Air Map 1000 Handheld moving map GPS. Included with it is 12 volt cigarette lighter power adapter, and remote amplifying antenna, LEI extras Inc MAp Create series 6 update disk with SD card reader and both east and west USA disks. Also includes owners manual, original...
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    Yamaha Genesis inline 3 new application

    I want one of these!
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    Something for the smart get er done types here Chuck B, Jake, etc...

    So I guess Im going through a midlife crisis or something and got a wild hair up my butt to buy one of these things today.... And no, I didn't pay that much for one! bought mine used for substantially less, probably won't keep it more...
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    Duracell ruined my GPS

    Went and dug out my old trusty Garmin pilot III out of the cabinet last saturday to use for my flight to the carolina barnstormers event and noticed some corrosion on the outside of the unit. It wouldn't power up either. So I take the battery cover off and notice one or more of the batteries...
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    My new not a gyro but just as fun flying video
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    new Chrysler technology
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    Coolest thing to hit the skies since the sky captain in the road warrior

    Ricky Fitness and the drum copter!
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    Not a gyro but just as fun

    Got a new toy last weekend. Haven't had a chance to fly it yet since it became mine, but have flown it once or twice before when it belonged to the previous owner. Phantom Ultralight. Not even sure what year but I do know its at least a 2004 or newer cause it wasn't built till around 2005...
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    Listing items for sale here

    This is NOT ebay. This is not Barnstomers. This is not YOUR PRIVATE classifieds site. DO NOT post your stuff here if your not going to like peoples comments to your ad. Its as simple as that. While we don't want to have people being disrespectful and creating problems for a seller for...
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    The most important PRA thread yet

    There has been a history here, perhaps nearly ever since around 2006-2007, maybe even before that, Of discussion of the PRA and it's " problems " and what it should be doing, or what it's doing wrong etc.... Overall, it has seemed rather negative. No doubt, the PRA has seen...
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    For Gabor and Mike

    The big national series is doing their season opener in your neck of the woods this year. Im not going, but hear it will be quite a sight to spectate at due to the mud.
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    Aircraft graveyard fun
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    Rotorcraft and Kitplanes magazines and more

    I love reading old issues of magazines, but I have read and reread these over and over and time to pass them onto someone else. I have a large stack of old issues of the following... Rotorcraft magazine. Most of these are from the 2000's. Most are color and fairly thick, but as you know...
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    Good gas thread

    Just wanted to chime in with some GOOD news for a change.... Here in the Charlotte NC area, over the last several months, many gas stations are now selling non ethanol gas! Most of them sell it only at one dedicated pump, thats specially marked. Most places, the fuel is 89 octane, but...
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    I ALMOST bought a new plane yesterday

    Guy made it from Dallas Texas, to just 2 miles shy of my airport east of Charlotte NC. Engine quit, and he had to put it down in a field. He went UNDER some powerlines and clipped two trees and blasted through a metal cattle fence. Plane will likely be a total loss. I was walking...
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    how do you cancel registration and airworthiness?

    If a person wanted to cancel those, say if he or she either sold their experimental for parts or scrapped it, how does one go about canceling all the paperwork?
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    Another great deal on a 2 place!

    Not a gyro....! My airplane... But read on first because its a good enough deal you might still want it. 1996 Titan Tornado II This is a 2 seat airplane, Powered by a Rotax 912 ( 80 hp ) engine, warp drive prop. Plane will fly over 450 pound of pilot/ passenger, plus fuel...