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    Bensen air frame parts

    What is a good source for Bensen air frame parts. Especially, "AN" nuts, bolts and washers.
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    Fuel filter placement

    Correction. Want to know If placement of Gas Filter effects the pumps ability to function.
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    Fuel filter placement

    The pump is not Mac, it's just original equip. I want to know if placement of the pump is going to effect the pumps ability to draw from the tank. Most older auto engines have final or only fuel filter just before the carb.
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    Fuel filter placement

    This is a Mac 72. The pump is mcculloch. AC Delco. No model No. Original equip.
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    Fuel filter placement

    I had issue with my AC Delco fuel pump. All concensus says they will work but not long and not efficient. If the fuel filter is mounted between the fuel tank and the fuel pump how effective will the pump be compared to mounting the fuel filter between the fuel pump and the carb orator?
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    Fuel pumps on macs

    Would like hear how long your mech. fuel pump lasts on a Mac.
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    Fuel pumps on macs

    Yes. I have read on the forum that the AC Delco mech. fuel pump that McCulloch used was only meant to last for a few hours or not many hours for the drone applications it was used for. You would think it would last like any other pump. Some of the experienced Mac fliers I communicated with said...
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    Fuel pumps on macs

    Yes the issue with the Mac 72 was a fuel pump issue. This is why it would not stay running. The question is will a rebuilt Mac fuel pump be reliable. Can you have an inline backup vacuum pump T'ed off with the Mac pump. If not in both cases what is the best way. There's probably alot of pump...
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    Fuel pump and promising a Mac

    Tank was empty put 3 gals in. Primed carb three times, started three times, but died three times. What am I doing wrong?
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    Prop design and diameter

    What is considered the best or appropriate design and diameter for a Bensen w/72Mac with regard to thrust and engine performance.
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    Mac prop hub assy puller

    Where can a Mac prop hub assy puller be found?
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    Any Bensen flyers in or around The Stockton area

    Please contact me at 209 470'1165.