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    Happy BD Harry

    Wishing you Blue Sky today on your BD Day. Take care Harry LOVE MJ :)
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    The Mag!

    Alright I got my Magazine today and was looking up the Event's. I saw that the contact person for the Mentone Fly-In is Jane Feldman. Just checking to see if Our Jennifer is going to be there?? Also Under Press Release I am Looking Forward to Reading Marion Springer's book "Of Many Years as...
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    Xenon Down at Sebring

    Rob I heard a Xenon went down at the Sebring show, is ever one allright.. hope this is just a bad rumor...Please let us know Richard
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    Got a a Email today asking Did I have A Story To Tell!

    Yes MJ ::::::((((
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    Animal Happy BD!

    We wish you Blue Skies. Catfish Mj :)
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    Tina B Day

    Tina, I just have to jump in Here and Say Happy Birthday to You. Hope You had Blue Skies. Enjoy. MJ :)
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    Sad day in Wauchula

    This maybe be old news, I just found out the city of wauchula had the two BIG OAK trees cut down. I know when Bud pres he lead the fight to save them ... What ashame...:rip: Richard
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    No More Snail Mail!!!

    GEEEZ!!!! Guess it"s down to this!!! Glad I am OUT and PRA Member Only! Wish you the BEST, Lot of older members that would of like to wait this out!! Snail Mail is better for some but not ALL!... mj :)
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    James/Darrell Happy B DAY

    Hope you Both have a Wonderful Birthday and Enjoy the Blue Skies. MJ :)
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    Jamie Cleary HB Day

    Jamie, Hope you had Blue Skies Today. Wishing you a Happy B Day. MJ :)
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    100 Hp.

    100 HP. Japanese version Subaru engine, dual carb, with prop adapter 1200.00 OBO :usa: Richard
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    Happy B Day Mike Boyette

    Mike I hope you had a Wonderful Birthday today. Enjoy MJ :)
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    Happy BDay to Juice

    Hope you had Blue Skies on your Day. Happy BDay MJ :)
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    100 Hp

    I have a 100 hp subaru EA-81:flame: for sale 1800.00 OBO. Richard
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    Heron Happy B Day :)

    Sorry I caught it so late today Heron, but it's back to work summer over :( Hope you had Blue Skies and Wind in your Face. Thank's for giving us a call it was nice to hear from you. See you Soon. MJ :)
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    Grand Champion for Sale

    :flame: I have a Highly Modified Soma type Gyro that is flying. It is Neon Green and Purple it has all been powder coated and Ionidized. It is Similar to a Sport's Copter, but it has a 100hp Sub, a new Tenn Prop, 12gal seat tank with seat cover, air speed alt, oil pressure, water temp, fuel...
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    KDog Happy B day

    Kevin, Hope you have Blue Skies for your Birthday Day. Enjoy. MJ :)
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    Catfish Bought a Trike...

    Richard bought his Trike now we are Flying Again. He got a Two seater for us both to enjoy. Going to fly down to Immokallee soon So Happy for him. Airgasmin Again. MJ :)
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    Happy BD Chris Burgess!

    I hope that your day will be filled with Blue Skies and enjoyment for you in what ever you choose to do Today. THIS IS CHRIS BURGESS DAY ENJOY MJ:)
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    Got my PRA card and EAA set now

    I got my PRA Card from Jennifer and my EAA card came right before it. So I am set for now. Rick got his ASC and Trike Club Cards. On to Blue Skies MJ :)