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    Group 5 Helicycle for Sale

    I have decided to put my Helicycle up for sale. It was completed and first flown in 2013 and has accumulated 158 trouble-free hrs. However, at the last oil change I discovered small metal flakes in the main transmission filter. Bore scope investigation found a small chip on the face of one...
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    Kansas Property Tax Bill

    Looks like it may get a little cheaper to own an AB Experimental in Kansas: Bill passed the House March 13th, now to the Senate, fingers crossed...
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    Helicycle in the mall

    Our R/C club had its annual static display at the local mall today and I flew the Helicycle over and added it to the display. I'd talked to the mall manager on Wednesday and he was excited to have a helicopter on display. They often have boats, cars, trailer etc but he said this was a first...
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    A couple new videos

    Took a couple of videos this evening of a flight to and from a friend's house outside of town. I had the GoPro on the headband mount for a pilot's eye view. I was surprised to find he had mowed an H in his grass for me to mark the high/dry spot in the yard. Flight to Rick's in the Helicycle -...
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    Flight test videos

    I took this video a couple weeks back and finally got around to uploading. It shows a flight in my Helicycle with the camera mounted on the frame behind the engine looking forward. You can see the belt engagement and fuel servo movement during start up and flying and also gives a good look at...
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    Another One Bites the Air

    It's been a long week of rain, snow and wind with temps topping out at 36F, but thanks to Doug's work ethic and thick Wisconsin blood, my Helicycle was added to the flying fleet. Because of the high winds I'll be waiting a little longer to get my feet off the ground but it was great to see...
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    Need help finding a DAR

    Hi All, I'm needing to locate a DAR for the airworthiness inspection on my Helicycle and would like to find one semi-local to SE Kansas, about 30 miles north of Joplin MO. I've found a few listings of DARs but am having trouble determining which ones have helicopter authorization. I would...
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    Fun with snow capped peaks

    Some nice video and editing from Canada:!
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    Cheap load cell

    A buddy sent me this link and I thought it was a pretty cool idea that could have a lot of aviation uses where weight is always a factor.
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    Helicycle on Ebay 35K

    Just a heads up for all you guys watching Stan's videos and dreaming, there's an almost completed, group 4 Helicycle on Ebay ending in just over an hour that's currently selling for $35,000...
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    Helicycle crash in S. Africa

    Got this link today on the Helicycle_discuss list. Forced auto after turbine quit, helicopter damaged but pilot unhurt: