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    Hell's Belle 120 Yamaha

    Selling this fantastic Gyro to build a 2-Place....powered by same engine. 300 hrs TTAE, 1500 TBO. fresh annual @ Bensen Days, 25' Dragon Wings, 66" Warp Drive Prop, 3.5 GPH, 1200 fpm climb. CLT, N-numbered, Registered as Light Sport, Hangared at Wauchula, Real nice flyer. $14K Brooke (561)...
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    Hell's Belle Christmas Flight

    Santa's Sleigh Gyroplane - Video Dailymotion Click on above link to play. Voice volume low, extended music after end snafu on my part :drama: Enjoy and Merry Christmas :yo:
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    Hell's Belle in the Danger Zone

    Gyro Hell's Belle Danger Zone - Video Dailymotion Video quality not the best, but was too long for Vimeo....oh well.
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    Roadable gyro Very cool, going to set u back a bit though.....maybe next year prices will come down lol.
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    flying flooded Peace River- Wauchula

    <iframe src="" width="407" height="229" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> Hopefully one of these links will get you there lol.
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    Hell's Belle escorts MT03

    My BD 2012 Hell's Belle escorts MT03 on Vimeo
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    Hell's Belle: Burning for You

    Hell's Belle: Burning for You on Vimeo Deleted YouTube No-Go, perhaps this will work from infamous Wauchula........:welcome:
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    Hell's Belle: Burning for You[/URL] video snafu, try other link..........
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    Hell's Belle Adventure

    gyro.wmv - YouTube
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    Wauchula Labor Day flight

    A little bit of gyro action via my new helmet cam.....
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    Hell's Belle's hell

    The infamous Hell's Belle has her own hell that should be brought to light. No machine is without need of inspection and maintenence. The first problem I've encountered is slow prerotational speed due to a redrive change from 2.62 to 3.47/1. I corrected this by changing my rubber wheel from 4"...
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    120 horses @ 90 degrees

    Just havin' fun......... RRPM: 410, IAS: 65mph, G-Force: Heavy (maybe 2G), Fun Factor them boomerang blades!!!
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    Suburu / Yamaha Climb-out

    It was interesting to see the difference between Herman's 100 hp Suburu, and the 120 Yamaha. Back to back, the time and forward distance were pretty much the same. The altitude is where the difference was, though this was not a competition. Only in hindsight did I start to compare out of my own...
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    Mushroom Clouds in S. Florida

    All clouds should generally be avoided, but these babies are not even safe for IFR flight.......loaded with fallout too. These are actually ash clouds from burning sugar cane. Atmospheric pressure held ash down to 1500' with water vapor ascending higher. These would still none the less...
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    Inaugeration of "Hell's Belle"

    Feeling the controls, taxiing, and finally "Cleared for departure on three six, Wauchula." Photos courtesy of Trez.....a moron? LOL. A great hangar mate is all I know........ Here we go........ Nice and smooth Lift at 180 rrpm Balancing the mains Flying the runway on approach to...
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    Creating the "Somaha"

    Conception through birth of a new beast, the "Somaha" starts to take form. Inspired by Ron Awad and having "Racer" in the heart of the matter, I'll be posting the progress of this new machine. I'm modifying my Soma airframe in the recent death of my 503 for a Yamaha 120. From what I started with...
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    Wanted: 3.47 to 1 gear set

    Looking for good 3.47 to 1 (59T/17T) gear reduction set for a "C" box. Will buy outright, or trade a 2.62 to 1 (55T/21T) set.
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    503 DCDI for sale

    Fresh rebuild (5 hrs.), duel carb, duel ignition, 52hp, Rotax exhaust. No redrive (going on different engine). Rebuilt by Shaine Morris of Lockwood. $1800. 561-248-8345
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    Gyro down with alligators

    As David H. and I were flying the phospahate mines checking out the alligators (the place is infested with them up to 13' feet long), I descended from 500' to 300' agl for some better views right before twilight and a humidity rise. I cut the throttle only to inadvertently induce carb ice making...
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    R-22 down in Fla.

    6-21-09 Lantana, Florida. Robinson R-22 flying at night lost power and pilot managed to gain autorotation but still crashed into the ground. Both CFI and student walked away, but the chopper was destroyed on impact after it bounced and ended up on it's side.