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    Dragon Wing Rotors

    I enquired about 23ft rotors. They replied asking if that length was both blades or one. I decided then not to go any further.
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    Safety wire magni teeter pivot lock ring yes or no

    No need. Never seen them wired.
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    Rotordyne Blades

    Here in the UK we've recently had several sets of Rotordynes unbond. Is there any serial numbers relating to good/bad blades or any way of telling if they had come from the "good" company that made them. Thanks
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    Bois-de-la-Pierre 2018 - France - Gyro builders meeting

    I spoke the the gentleman when I was in France a few years back. Sure he said it was a Toyota engine. The prop and blades were home built to. They have freedom in France.
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    Great people to do business with. Made our Japanese suppliers look inefficient
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    No More Dragon Wings?

    Yes. It seems to be the current trend.
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    No More Dragon Wings?

    On a selfish note....very bad news for us in the UK. They are the only available blades we can currently use and the recent rise in interest in single seaters could be strangled. My guess is this company intends to follow the current craze of churning out ELA clones and wants to make their own...
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    Trump - Day 24 of 4 years

    Very true Leigh. And I strongly object to being forced to pay for it.
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    womans fitness

    Bercow the weasel speaker should be reminded he needs to be impartial. He in the past has welcomed many a despot to the houses of parliament. There probably will be people taking to the street. When right leaning people end up with a leftist government they shrug their shoulders and get on with...
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    womans fitness

    Sat here in the UK watching president Trump board airforce one. Surreal ...but it shouldn't have come as too much of a surprise. You expect people who have been told how to think...what they can and can't to live..raise their children..what they can and can't eat..accept permanently...
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    Building a model gyro

    Auto Gyros - RC Groups
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    Rotor balance question for Aviomania or Ernie Boyettte

    Bought a RFD head years ago for a Bensen. No idea why all heads don't use needle races. Liked the way the main bearing was enclosed too.
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    newbie looking for autogyro advice

    This was in our hangar at kemble years ago. No idea whose it was. We were going to put magni blades on it but things went wrong with the airfield. We struggled to taxi it. It will never fly and looks in a state now. Amazed me how much work someone must have put into it.
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    Something to chew on;

    I wish I had your way with words Doug.... you describe this perfectly. I remember those early days of flying the runway a few feet up with that feeling of being mushy followed by an ungraceful return to earth no matter how much power was applied. This became very scary at 6 feet until you...
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    Something to chew on;

    Never flew there with the houses there but I know where they were going to go. The circuit was amended so from 32 you would depart right long before the end of the runway to avoid over flying the new homes. There's a video showing a microlight approach to 14...stating the importance of avoiding...
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    Something to chew on;

    I used to keep my gyro at Headon....but before the houses were there. Runway 32 has a slope a third of the way down. It was standard practice to fly beyond the slope and land past it. No issue in a gyro.
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    Nothing new

    Overheard a conversation years ago where Wallis was asked about using bigger more efficient props. He said he'd made a machine with a large prop and had to make extensive mods to keep the thrust line right. Came across the photo.
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    a technical question about rotor inertia

    If we could only get a list of objections from the CAA we could begin to counter them.
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    a technical question about rotor inertia

    If you want to worry about third party risk....regulating the trailer that you tow your gyro on feet away from pedestrians would be more appropriate.
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    Not getting the RPMs (consistently)

    "If temps creep upward as throttle is lowered, your sluqqish throttle response is due to the needle jets beinq too lean." This is how every rotax engine I've had behaves. Told this is correct.