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    Rotordyne Blades

    Here in the UK we've recently had several sets of Rotordynes unbond. Is there any serial numbers relating to good/bad blades or any way of telling if they had come from the "good" company that made them. Thanks
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    Nothing new

    Overheard a conversation years ago where Wallis was asked about using bigger more efficient props. He said he'd made a machine with a large prop and had to make extensive mods to keep the thrust line right. Came across the photo.
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    Terry Holmes

    It is with great sadness yesterday I was told that Terry had lost his battle with cancer and passed away. Terry was one of the first people I made contact with many years ago when I got interested in gyros and his enthusiasm was infectious. Most people flying single seat gyros in the UK will...
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    Cancel All Aviation..... More personal freedom in communist China than basket case Britain!
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    RC Dominator

    If you look at the most recent 'Autogyro' post on youtube you'll find a fantastic model Dominator. Looks like it is direct control and I want one. For some reason I can't post the link.
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    Magni and RAF comparison

    Today, after flying our machines (mine a VPM and friends RAF) we decided to swap and go up with an instructor. Ronnie may wish to comment on my VPM but heres my thoughts on the RAF. Although we flew with the doors off the cabin was great and although I prefer an open machine, in Winter this...
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    This engine was supposed to be the 'next great thing' when it appeared in the UK in the mid ninetees. Four stroke 60/80 hp, fuel injection, not much weight over 582 etc. They even copied the Rotax mounting bolt pattern so you could just swap engines, no problem. I thought it had died but saw it...
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    Euro Insurance

    Question for european owners of two place gyros. While we are a member of this disastrous EU experiment we now have to legally obtain third party and passenger liability insurance. No British broker offers passenger cover and the French company that was prepared to cover us have for some reason...
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    Expensive Copies

    Just returned from a flight show here in England. It was the first time I have seen the ELA and MT 03 in the flesh. Apart from the pod the similarity was amazing. A friend asked me what they were like and all I could say was that the ELA looked Spanish and the MT looks German. Just like the...
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    Magni M16 Subaru

    Hopefully you will see a picture of my Magni M16. It is at the airfield where it is to be kept while I finish off my licence. Pictured is the test pilot David Beevers. We had just flown it in from the final dual tests. The machine is nearly ten years old, the original owner never getting round...