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    Distributor for Subaru 2.2L

    Looking for information about replacement pointless distributor for standard ignition Subaru 2.2L, carbureted engine that was used on the RAF2000.
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    Spark Plug Wires, Subaru

    Need to make custom length spark plug wires for Subaru 2.2L. Can’t seem to find the boots for the spark plug end.
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    Subaru 2.2 Holley 350cfm 2bbl manual choke

    Thinking about adding manual choke for cold weather starts. Looking for advice about doing this.
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    Subaru 2.2 w/350cfm Holley 2bbl carb.

    Would like to know, from those with experience, what carb jet sizes you found work best, winter 30-40/summer 80-90. Greg
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    RAF2000 Door Hardware

    Does anyone know where I might find the door mounting hardware and mounting instructions for the two doors for the RAF 2000. [email protected] Greg T Thanks
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    RAF2000 Door Hardware

    Looking for the mounting hardware for left and right doors for the RAF 2000. Contact [email protected]
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    Carburetor Subaru 2.2 Fuel

    Fuel with octane higher than 91 is getting harder and harder to find. Been using 93 when I can find it. Also been looking on the web for information about octane boosters. Not really reading anything about it that gives me any real confidence that any of them work that well. Anyone have...
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    Mast Cheek Plate Bolt Washers

    Does anyone know what the specific washer type/number is, used for the two AN8-35A mast cheek plate bolts, might be. All the manual says is "Hardened Washer". The ones on my gyro are of several different types and I'm sure not all are what came with the kit. They are 1" O.D.