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    Scottessex and jazzenjohn i have a question If you dont mind

    I'm hoping you guys got this data when you were building, I'm pretty sure you did. I'm looking for a weight to shoot for and both you guys are building ultralights which is my goal. What is your basic frame weight? This would be the keel from nose wheel 2 tailwheel. The mast and landing gear but...
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    jazzenjohn, engine questions if you don't mind

    what was the weight of your 4 stroke on your ultralight gyro? FWF weight? HP? torque available if you know it? thanks for the info David
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    Funny that a gyro is harder to meet Part 103 than a fixed wing

    I have had two gyros that met Part 103, both were pretty much bare bones. First was a KB2 with a mac, second was a 3DRV with a 503 also bare bones. I have had several fixed wing ultralights that made part 103 easily with instruments. When you look at the comparisons it just doesn't make sense...
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    Rod end bearings brand and prices?

    We use a lot of rod end bearings for drag tubes in landing gear, control rod ends for flight controls. Most are of the .25 AN4 bolts, so Heim HF or HM -4 size. Now days they run about $25 to $30 each. What brand and where are you guys getting them? Normal prices paid? thanks David
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    Tall Tails, short tails, horizontals????.....again.....

    I know these have been discussed probably to death, hopefully I will come up with a question that has not been asked. I know that a tall tail with a horizontal is too heavy for a true UL gyro. Even the one that was on my 3DRV was pretty heavy compared to the composite T tail for a Bensen or the...
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    Hey Chuck, is a single 2x2x.125 6061T6 tube ok for a mast?

    I am having to have weight as much as I can to make Part 103, really make it under 254 lbs. Would it be safe to use a single square tube 2x2x.125 6061T6 tube for my mast instead of the redundant mast? It saves 3lbs over the redundant mast and if I remember right the Hornet I built many years...
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    I need some advice from the old timers on teetering rotor systems

    After doing some research I believe that all Gyros that have a variable pitch rotor blades for jump takeoff are all three bladed. Is there any particular reason that they're three bladed? Is there any reason why you can't use a variable pitch rotor that will allow you to Flat pitch for high...
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    Looking for a better hub bar design for Hughes blades

    I have drawing for the standard head and hub bar. Does anyone have a better hub bar design for Hughes Blades? The roots are already cut off and standard blade straps mounted. I would like to get away from the old bensen style hub bar to something more adjustable. Thanks David San Jose, CA
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    Goped, ultra small stroke prerotor questions

    How many of you guys out there have used a tiny 2 stroke like the GoPed 2-stroke I saw on a video to prerotate your blades? I'm looking for pictures information drawings for this type of pre rotor. I want to build one up to see what the weight and how many RPMs that can put out Thanks David
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    Chuck, question about building Dudley

    In our and others discussion about Dudley, you uses a combination of 1/4 nutplates and bolts or solid rivets. First was 1/4-28 the bolt size? What size were the AN470 rivets? Were solid rivets used on the tube cluster plates? Spacing? Were 1/4-28 used where you could not buck solid rivets...
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    Hey Chuck, would you say the 269 blades few good on a gyro?

    I remember reading a post by you Chuck some time ago. I can't find it now but I think I remember correctly that you had said the 269 blades flew better than the bensen blades, same as the brock blades. I think you said to use the twist in the blades effectively you needed to turn them over and...
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    Anyone have a 2180vw pusher prop?

    Does anyone have a 2180vw pusher prop they would loan or rent for testing a 2180 vw? I want to do a breakin and a thrust test to see if I want to place on a gyro. Thanks David M
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    Looking for a set of Bensen Wood Rotors

    Willing to trade Hughes 269 blades for a set of good Bensen Wood Rotors PM me David M.
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    Jean Claude, your wood rotor blades are beautiful

    Hi Jean Claude , If you don't mind and have the time would you post some information about how you built your wood rotor blades? Quite a few people on here built wood rotors along time ago. However there are alot of us who still marvel at how they are made. For the newbies would you mind...
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    All you who have built a Bensen or Brock Gyro

    Many years ago I built a KB2 with a 90hp MAC, barely came in legally under 254 lbs. One thing I did not do and wished I had.....I am looking for the empty airframe weight of either a Bensen or Brock airframe but does not include the rotorblades, engine or instruments. Just the basic airframe...
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    My attempt at a UL Tractor Gyro

    I have always wanted a tractor gyro. It is one of the many projects I have "In Progress". I have built some of the frame and parts in SW, the dimensions in some of the pictures were just quick grabs, I did not go to exact edges but it is really close. I made a 130 lb dummy weight for the...
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    HP and gyro design

    OK, so we all know that the lighter the aircraft the less required power. The better the rotors the less hp required. A few gyros made it legitimately under Part 103. Even fewer did it using the Rotax 447 of 40hp. So it can be done efficiently in both used of materials to keep it light, and...
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    Gyro mast possibilities?

    Ok through the amassed knowledge of experience Chuck B. has told us how stiffness of a mast can be the root cause of our 2rev. We asked and Chuck told us that 2x.065 4130 will make a great limber mast to give us a smoother ride and was good for a AUW 450# gyro. So my question is that something...
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    Happy Fathers Day!!!

    Happy Fathers Day to all you other father's out there! David M
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    I have to bother you again Chuck B.

    T his is a design by Jukka Tervamaki called the JT9. Looks like fun, by the way he is the guy who designed the Magni head. All inputs are gladly accepted. My question is about the dual mast. With two masts wouldn't the stiffness be increased and cause a higher 2rev shake? Would round tube be a...