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    My day flying with Chris Lord

    I haven't been flying since my flight review with Greg S. back in February. Should have done some flying while at Mentone this summer, but at the time, thought I would be flying our new AR-1 by fall. Life intervened, unfortunately, and due to a change in my health, we had to cancel our order...
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    Silverlight Aviation begins AR-1 production in U.S.

    Silverlight Aviation has already begun building their AR-1 model gyroplane, based on the Apollo design, here in the U.S. Silverlight has moved into a much larger facility, and two gyroplanes are currently under construction there. How do I know this, you might ask? A couple of days ago, I...
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    The TALKBACK phone software nightmare!

    Friday evening, based on a recommendation from a friend, I activated an app called TALKBACK on my RAZR with Verizon service. It immediately launched into tutorial mode, which I could not exit out of. Because I couldn't exit out of it, could not get back to any other functions on my phone...
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    Who are all the new DPE's?

    I want to update the CFI list on the PRA website to denote all the new Gyro DPE's that I read about lately. Was sure I had seen the list here, but a search for the thread came up empty. If it was mentioned here, can someone lead me to the appropriate thread? If not, did I read it in PSF, or...
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    Welcome our latest chapter to the fold!!

    As many of you who attended the Banquet dinner Saturday night know, we have a new chapter that formed in the Wauconda, Illinois area. It's Chapter 47, The Fox River Valley Rotorcraft Club, and Paul, the airboss at Mentone, is the new chapter president. David Haas is the contact person for the...
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    Finalized Chapter contact list

    I have finally finished updating the Chapter contacts list, and forwarded it to Lisa. Hopefully, the updated list will appear in the next Rotorcraft magazine. The website page is current, so please check to see if your chapter's info is correct there. I eliminated any chapter with...
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    Help me update and clean up the website

    I am currently working on updating and cleaning up the PRA website. Tim O. was kind enough at Mentone to give me enough training to slug my way through doing this, thanks Tim. Right now, my first goal is to eliminate duplications on pages, correct information, and to re-format the text so the...
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    Tornado 1, Gyro and hangar 0!!!!

    If you've been watching the weather, you know that the Midwest was hit pretty hard today. Got a call from my hangar owner, and the news isn't good. The hangar, my gyro, and a Coyote are all destroyed. Still haven't found the Coyote. The picture says it all. We're traveling right now, will post...
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    Got a stabilator for sale?

    Looking for a stabilator to install on my RAF over the winter. Anyone out there have one for sale, or know someone who does?
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    Upper hub assembly for RAF redrive

    As posted in my unplanned landing thread, I also discovered my upper redrive hub assembly is severely damaged. I'm working on obtaining a friend's Parham redrive to borrow, but would like to find replacements for these parts. It's a pretty time-consuming job to switch out my current redrive for...
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    My second unplanned landing

    On Wednesday evening, Cathy and I decided to take a flight over to a local airstrip we used to fly off of. It was a gorgeous evening, with just a slight breeze blowing. After adding fuel and performing my preflight, we set off to commit aviation. The takeoff was normal, and since we were...
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    TICO Warbird Air Show

    Cathy and I are wintering in Titusville, Fl. One of the first things we found was that there is an airshow here in March. It's this weekend, and we attended the show today. Anyone who is in the area, or even if you're going to be close to here next year, this is a great airshow! We had visited...
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    TICO Warbird Air Show

    Sorry, duplicate post somehow!
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    A Great Flying Weekend

    This weekend was one of the best I've had flying in quite a while. It started out with meeting Dave Hoover, a budding gyronaut who actually lives only 20 minutes away from us, on Friday night. We invited Dave up to the hangar to see our gyro, watch us fly it a little, and talk gyros with someone...
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    It's not just gyro pilots making bad decisions.....

    With all the bad press our sport is getting this year, I thought some of you might appreciate that it's not just our sport that's involved in bad aviation decisions. Cathy and I witnessed this first hand this evening. Cathy and I headed up to the hangar to do a little evening flying. We were...
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    Spare front tire won't fit

    Made an interesting discovery today. After replacing my water pump, I pulled the machine outside to run it up to remove air from the cooling system. When I finished, and was turning to taxi back to the hangar, the steering was really stiff. Found out why, the front tire had gone flat. I have a...
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    Windfarm and parasail flight

    Last Friday, Cathy and I headed up to the hangar to go flying. Along the way I noticed some wind towers that hadn't been visible two weeks earlier. So we decided to go check them out on our flight. There is a wind farm going in right around our hangar, but nothing has been started yet. I'm not...
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    A new Parham suspension is born

    I currently have a one-off Parham suspension, with a modified main axle to keel bracket assembly. As you can see in the pictures, there is a Lovejoy coupling in between the keel mount brackets. There is a solid steel rod, covered by what is probably nylon 6, that is inserted into the main axle...
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    Dutch Flying Car Pal-V

    As soon as I posted this, saw that I was duplicating another post, my bad..... Totally impressed by the folding prop. I'm sure this thing is going to be affordable for the common man like most of us, right?
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    Cathy's new toy, road trip coming

    We currently own an '08 Toyota convertible, as Cathy's car. Quite a few times while we're riding around in it, someone has driven by with a Thunderbird convertible. Each time we see one, she asks "What car is that?" I tell her what it is, and that they don't make them any more. Lately, we've...