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    Scout helicopter

    Anyone have any more info on the Scout Heli other than whats on the website? Timeline, ect?
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    Helicycle wind noise

    First off seems this forum is kind of dead? Is this the best forum for the helicycle? I am planning on building a helicycle this winter and I am trying to read as much as I can. I have talked to a few builders/flyers and they say they don't like flying above 80mph because of the wind noise...
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    Helicycle for Sale? Anyone know the history of this helicycle? I want to build one this winter and saw this one. First thing that stood out is 20 SMOH and 65 TT on airframe? What caused a need for overhaul of the engine with such low time? Anyone with...
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    HeliCycle UTAH?

    I am located Provo airport KPVU. Anybody close-by have a Helicycle I can come and look at? I am thinking of building them but have a couple questions. Can anyone post pictures of how you fit being tall? I am 6' 2" and wondering if its going to be to small? Any idea what resell value of these...