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    Another Bluesky, this will never work.

    A rotor aircraft using down forced air.
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    Drag for wing, airframe, climb power.

    Need a little help. Want to know if the Total Drag is 20.9 inches above the CG on Mr. Beaty's gyro? If not, where is the Total Drag?
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    Design your own pusher.

    You too can design a gyro pusher. This maybe a puzzler. Enter data only in the yellow spaces. Move the weight around to get the pilot navel at the cg. Items in blue are the ideal. How will it look? I see it now. I saw it before. I have seen it. When it is loose it is loose. When...
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    South Africa Tractor Gyros

    South Africa company working on tractor gyro for commercial use. One big mother, three place, with lots of expermentation. click on the Kriek two place tractor. South Africa...
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    Blackhawk Down in Texas.

    Blackhawk down in College Station, Texas. Read post be Stacie Fowler at bottom of news story. How about it Mozilla? What happened?
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    Tractor Hang Test

    Here is a recipe for doing a hang test and reaping some other information. An attachment is offered for printing for use in the field. Recipe for Hanging a Gyro. Reason: To insure there is enough control authority of the rotor head arc front to back. The controls must hang in the...
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    What is the Cd for the rotor?

    Cd or drag coefficient for a edge of flat plate is .005, airfoil stabilizer is .045, flat plate is 1.28, Double your speed velocity and quadruple your drag. Questions? What is Cd for rotor at normal 9 degrees at 50 mph? Cd at high speed of 80mph and at what degree? Rotor is 23 feet or 276...