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    Taiwan plane crash - unreal dash cam caught it
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    VFR or IFR?
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    The guys is good is all I can say

    I had no idea they did this... this is awesome. Oregon Christmas Tree Harvest With Helicopter. Amazing Pilot! - YouTube
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    EJ22 Gear PSRU recommendations

    Guys I'm needing some help with recommendations. I'm going to be switching from a Parham redrive to a gear drive on my EJ22. I am already aware of Autoflight, but I want to consider all options before buying. Here are the features I am looking for. 1) I want the distance between the prop and...
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    Found my new ride!

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    Source of belts for my Parham redrive

    Can anyone help me find a source for belts for my Parham redrive? I have located only a single place that carries the belt that I currently have on it and they won't sell any fewer than 10 at a time. Its a Browning HPT B08808M85 belt.
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    For the TRUE sci-fi lovers among us

    What can I say, I am a self professed geek, but this is awesome beyond belief. I bow to the new Lords of sci-fi.. T hose of us that are tried and true sci-fi lovers know that even bad sci-fi is good sci-fi. Sometimes being bad, campy or tongue in cheek is the whole point and what makes the bad...
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    PRA-13 Newsletter

    Better late than never but the latest Chapter 13 Newsletter is out and available for download. I'll be doing better in the future. The printed version is on the way to members as we speak! Download it and post it around and drop it in your local FBO! Its going to be an exciting year...
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    New Chapter 13 Event Feeler/Primer

    We're heavily tossing around the idea of having a North side Chapter 13 event this year. Heavily, meaning that it will happen, but we will wait on response to see if it becomes a yearly event. We are going to have it at Twin Lakes NORTH Carolina (8A7) and are currently targeting the first...
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    Mad Max re-enactment

    This is an interesting article about a Mad Max re-enactment. Who is that flying the Bensen? I'm a sci-fi geek so this is almost like a dream come true. Mixing of two of my most...
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    Why I Fly!

    This is one of the reasons why I fly for a hobby instead of going in other directions. This is also why I prefer the mountains to the beach and haven't been to the beach in 10 years. Its why I shower instead of bathe. Its why I buy the small Slurpie at 7/11 instead of the big one. I-95 through...
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    Different stick shake / cabin hop

    A few people really helped me at Bensen Days this past year with a stick shake problem that also was causing my stick forces to be extremely high. I'm happy to say that Davey Seace nailed it, and it was insufficient undersling that was solved by moving to the topmost hole in the rotorhead...
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    Seat andn saddle tank recommendations

    I'm trying to decide on a lightweight front seat replacement for my drop keel Parson's. I'm removing an un-plumbed, fiberglass seat tank. Since I can't use it for both balance reasons as well as ethanol fuel likely destroying it, I would like to replace it with a comfortable but very lightweight...
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    Possible to convert for prop and rotor use?

    Ok... All the propeller beanie types on the forum need to get to work reverse engineering this from the picture and do the math to see if it helps for rotors and prop usage.
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    PRA Chapter 13 Newsletter renewed (download link)

    Since some people don't venture down into the individual chapter forums I'm putting this in general news rather than in our own section because we're making it available to everyone as PDF to help kick start some more membership and activity in our Chapter. Printed copies will be going out to...
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    How many issues of Ultraflight since the merger?

    How many issues of Ultraflight magazine should I have gotten since the magazines merged? I have only received what I think was the original one. After I read it, I gave it to a prospective gyro head so don't have it anymore so that I can see what the issue number was... it was the issue with the...
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    Best Fathers Day Present I Ever Got!

    My son made this for me on Father Day this year. It literally brought a tear to my eye. He made a pretty darn good representation of my Parsons gyro. Its sitting on my desk at work now.
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    Old Benson

    This evening, Airscooter and I were scouting out a possible new airfield a little closer to our homes. I had heard people in our EAA club mention that a Bensen was hidden in the back of one of the open hangars at this field and while we were walking around we found it. I took some photos. It...
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    Sport pilot test prep

    Ok... I know there is a search function and I've already used it. But searching for sport pilot on a site about flying is about like searching for the letter "a". What is the best written test prep out there for gyro sport pilot? I've seen a thread here a couple of years back that listed a free...
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    Proper Terminology

    Something these forums have been lacking that almost all other forums for other interest groups have is a sticky thread that has a key code to terminology commonly used in that field of interest. I know that I regularly have trouble ordering materials out of the various catalogs or web pages...