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    N556XT Titanium Explorer - 15-7-16

    This post is modified because I was notified privately that Chris was offended. My apologies to Chris for assuming, and you know what that makes of all of us.... While I also don't agree with Steve's posting so soon, when is the proper time to post about something this tragic? As strongly as I...
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    We lost FJ today .... he's flying on angel wings now!

    Like many others here, I'm at a complete loss for words. Jim will be sorely missed by anyone who knew him......
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    MILLS GREGORY Air Commander N962GT

    Well said, Ron! I'm one of the people who miss your presence here. It's been a pleasure watching you mature as a moderator over the years.
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    Paul Salmon to receive 2015 NAA Most Memorable Flight

    Congratulations, Paul.
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    Congratulations Gregg Ludwig on adding on SP-CFI Gyroplane

    Abid, It's nice to hear you've got another customer flying an AR-1, and another CFI in the stable at Z-hills. Once you have a gyro DPE on-site, you can truly say you are a one-stop gyro manufacturer. How many other gyro manufacturers can offer on-site training, on-site build assistance...
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    90 MPH in an Air Command?

    Greg, I also had a buddy who flew a tandem Air Command with the tall tail, and Skywheels. He was out flying fast, with a heavy passenger, doing somewhere near 90mph, when the gyro abruptly stood up on it's tail. The pilot immediately reacted by rolling off to the side, which probably saved...
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    New World Record run - Dr. Paul Salmon

    I don't know anyone who loves flying more, or actually spends more time flying for fun, than Paul does. Congrats, Paul, on yet another milestone for you!!
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    Happy Birthday Greg Spicola.

    Happy Birthday Greg! Always enjoy the time I've spent with you!
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    Fatality at Centralia, Illinois

    Ray was really a nice guy, spent a ton of his time and money sharing the joys of flying family and friends around with his Dominator. Larry, please express my condolences to Vickie, this is truly heartbreaking....
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    Why is there not a lot of love for the RAF2000

    As a former owner of an RAF, modified with a Boyer stab, here's my two cents' worth: Even while I owned my RAF, if someone contacted me regarding buying one, my answer was "don't". In my opinion, the interest in used RAF's still lingers due to the relatively low cost of getting into one. Yes...
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    8 weeks after surgery

    Jake, you are looking a whole lot better, glad to hear you are working to improve your health, the world needs you around for a lot longer!
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    Happy Birthday Stan Foster!

    Happy Birthday, Stan!
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    Chris Lord's gyro year - 2015

    Cool presentation, Chris does an excellent job in everything he does. I'm excited because that's me as PIC in the cross country and meeting a friend clip! Thanks to both Chris's for making this available.
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    Happy Birthday Mark Green!

    Thanks! It's not the best birthday this year, suffering through another ice storm, so we're running on generator power. Cathy barely got home from town, due to limbs falling across the roads! It will definitely be a quiet day spent inside.
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    "P" torque corrector

    I've flown two of them, and Abid is correct in his assessment.
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    Still learning

    I think the only one of anyone who really knows you that is surprised by the support you have received is you...... You absolutely deserve all the riches you have.
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    AutoGyro owners come up with the coolest.....

    One of the best videos I've seen in a while, loved the driving on and off the ferry. Amazed at how hospitable people were towards them.... Thanks, Chris
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    Bobby, Sent you an email. Call me....
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    Happy Birthday John Roundtree!

    Happy Birthday, John! Take the day off and do something fun for yourself.
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    Understanding VX and VY to Fly safe.

    John, I do agree with one of Ben's suggestions: you absolutely need a lot more stick time to understand what's happening during takeoff when flying a gyroplane. I have no idea how much stick time you have, but it's apparent here it's not been enough. Trying to learn how to fly via this forum...