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  1. eddie

    Eddie Sigman DOB: 12/1/43 - 2/8/19 died as a result of his injuries sustained in a RANS S-12...

    Eddie Sigman DOB: 12/1/43 - 2/8/19 died as a result of his injuries sustained in a RANS S-12 experimental sportsplane that he had been rebuilding since Thanksgiving 2018. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  2. eddie

    Sad news to report Albuquerque, new mexico for Eddie Sigman
  3. eddie

    Sad news to report

    If anyone needs his bushings I will sale them until they are gone. Mil (at his e-mail addresss or [email protected])
  4. eddie

    Sad news to report

    Thanks to you all. Since 2011 Eddie has flown hours and hours in his gyrocopter until he sold It recently. He spent hours communicating with the pilots.Because of this forum he was in touch with many gyrocopter pilots from all corners of the world. He loved flying with and...
  5. eddie

    Vance and Kolibri Argument Thread

    Because of the hummingbird (kolibri) I have decided to leave this forum, I prefer not to be associated with him. He single handedly has destroyed this forum and its purpose to share worthwhile information.
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    More fun flying The Predator.

    Really a nice setup Jake, they will last forever and will work perfectly. And once again kolibri the great is as usual shooting is mouth off about things he has absolutely no knowledge of.
  7. eddie

    Training can be an emotional roller coaster.

    I have never heard of that happening,thanks for the info.
  8. eddie

    Training can be an emotional roller coaster.

    It sounds like the axle was bent before and straightened,that probably started a crack and it eventually failed,a lot of RAF owners have replaced the 5/8" bolt with a 3/4" one there are bearings 3/4" in size at Aircraft spruce. that fit the rims.
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    Warodrive hub service bulletin

    Dave thanks for posting this info !
  10. eddie

    Tires: What types you use and why

    The aviation industry has been using nitrogen forever in all things requiring air pressure tires,landing gear struts,etc. I have heard that it also prevents rust on the inside of struts.
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    First AR-1 exported to Canada (enclosed)

    Ed that's the first thing that came to mind because I always had good transmission until I changed blades,I have had aluminum and fiberglass and when I changed to the carbon fiber ones my transmissions have became spotty Your probably right though, whenever something changes I blame it on any...
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    Aluminium prop repair?

    What I have always done for small nicks,etc is to file them as smooth as possible without removed a lot of metal,anything else like welding is just asking for trouble.
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    More fun flying The Predator.

    Perhaps the tempering of the inner race was just a hard thin outer shell and when the needles wore through to the softer metal it went very fast and also perhaps the extra weight of having a student with you helped with the wear, other than that I haven't a clue. I have never seen wear that...
  14. eddie

    More fun flying The Predator.

    Really glad to hear that you have replaced the out of date needle bearings with spherical ones you will really be pleased with the results. Especially after seeing the amount of wear on the needle bearing inner race its really a lot, amazing it didn't shake so bad that you couldn't see straight.
  15. eddie

    Some wind and decision making lessons.

    Seems to me that you and your trusted CFI needs to book some time with Vance and learn how to fly a gyro.
  16. eddie

    First AR-1 exported to Canada (enclosed)

    The increased tail volume is very nicely done.looks great and will work great. The different material used for the tail because of the antenna placement has made me understand why my radio reception has been not as good as it use to be,its the carbon fiber rotors. Its amazing sometimes where...
  17. eddie

    Some wind and decision making lessons.

    [COLOR=#006400]Yes, because hangars often cause their own rotors (i.e., separate from mountain wave action). Those rotors can smack an aircraft right into the runway. I have experience at two airports in particular that are known for this, with related crashes every year. Low to the ground and...
  18. eddie

    So Mad I Could Spit - FAA offers a rebate for ADS-B Installs

    Sometimes its a good thing the FAA doesn't recognize us,,and then sometimes its a bad thing.
  19. eddie

    Some wind and decision making lessons.

    . (A vertical descent landing can be made for fun or from necessity (to clear an obstacle or land in a small area). (Since no necessity was present, I suspect you were grandstanding a bit for your new friend/passenger) Kolibri are you really so arrogant that you and only you can say what...
  20. eddie

    Improved RAF mast bushings for sale

    Robert don't send money until you have the bushing,I need your shipping address first.