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  1. eddie

    Composite hubbar

    Gyro-Tech is in the testing phase of there composite hubbar and blade attach plates,they are made of carbon and Kevlar fibers and they weigh in at half of the weight of the aluminiun bars,it looks like the teeter block is still made of metal. Also they are working on a new set of Gyrocopter...
  2. eddie

    Improved RAF mast bushings for sale

    The current RAF mast bushing is really soft and it splits after a short time in service,I removed mine and measured the Shore hardness and found it was only 53.0. I have made a replacement that has a steel bushing incorporated into the molding process and, this urethane bushing has a shore...
  3. eddie

    Calumetair Prerotator housing/flex shaft.

    I received my new prerotator housing and flex shaft today,installation went well,I fired the RAF up and found that the clutch plate was spinning with the clutch disk (Its supposed to not be moving until its engaged) the problem was that the new improved housing/shaft was to easy to spin,the...
  4. eddie

    Gyro-Tec carbon Blades 100 Hrs Follow Up.

    There is really nothing remarkable to say except that the blades are performing well,they are still in perfect shape with no signs of delaminating,seperation,bubbles forming,spider cracks or any thing unusual with the construction. After getting used to the lack of blade vibration I have...
  5. eddie

    Cabin hop reducer.

    After installing my Gyro-Tech carbon fiber blades all of the vibrations were gone with the exception of a little 2/rev or cabin hop . I had motorcycle shimmy dampers on the control rods mounted at the scissors the control rods are connected to,that really helped a lot with the other...
  6. eddie

    ignition coil failure

    I have a question, can my ignition coil pack go bad on my Subaru engine if the ignition switch is left on for a long period of time without the engine running.? I was told that it could,
  7. eddie

    Gyro-tech carbon fiber blades/RAF

    The Gyro-Tech carbon Fiber Blades.hubbar,and rotor head arrived several days ago. The quality is Excellent,a good example is that the coning angle of 2.5 degrees is machined into the bar, not bent as some hub bars are.The teeter block has four ball bearings installed in the block instead of...
  8. eddie

    Rotorblades for sale

    Sportcopter blades like new 30'x 8.5 " cord. $4,000 (THESE BLADES ARE SOLD) Raf blades 30' x 8.5 cord, very good condition. $ 1,500 (SOLD)
  9. eddie

    Unbalanced sportcopter blades

    I bought my sportcopter blades about a 18 months ago,and had trouble balancing them in the beginning,I finally gave up and added motorcycle shimmy dampners and just lived with it until several days ago I tried to balance them again,and could never get a good balance,moving the adjustment one...
  10. eddie

    Gyros in texas flood

    anybody hear anything from the gyro guys in the texas flood area ?
  11. eddie

    Rotor blade rpm which is best

    On another thread everyone is saying that the new breed of euro gyros turn 400 + RRPM. My RAF with sportcoptor/Raf blades turns 330 RRPM. Which is best/smoother. 1. High pitch low rotor rpm. 2. low pitch high rotor rpm
  12. eddie

    RAF Shimmy Dampners install photos

    Kevin, these are the install photos of the shimmy dampners on my RAF,they were bought @ Ebay for about $25.00 each.What I like about these is that the adjustment for resistance has about 20 settings,I started in the middle and kept increasing the pressure until the vibration was gone and I...
  13. eddie

    going from post to post.

    How do you go from one post to another without going all the way back to the beginning and starting all over. I am starting to like the old format better with each passing day.
  14. eddie

    signature not added automatically

    when ever I make a post my signature is not added at the bottom automatically.
  15. eddie

    Wheres vance !

    I haven't seen any posts from vance on the new revised forum ?
  16. eddie

    stick shake/shimmy dampner

    I watched a video on another thread where desmon butts used a Cessna shimmy damper to reduce stick shake,has any one else tried that,if so what were your results. Best regaqrds,
  17. eddie

    rotor rpm used for blade tracking

    What is the best rotor RPM to use for blade tracking ? Will the blades change pitch slightly at different RPM's. I tried to look at the blades in flight with the led lights mounted at the tips they were just a blur. Any info input will be appreciated. Would thinner reflector strips be more...
  18. eddie

    Raf/sportcoptor trim difference

    What going on? my Raf blades were replaced with SportCoptor blades and I almost crashed on takeoff because of the amount of back pressure it took to just obtain level flight with them.I have the RAF stabaliator and it was set for what use to be level flight with the RAF blades,to obtain...
  19. eddie

    Blueprinting an raf rotorhead.

    I'am waiting for my new Sport Coptor blades and hubbar to be delivered next week,and have checked my Rotor head for condition and everything being true and square,I also replaced all of the bearings. I always wondered why if Sport Coptor tracked and balanced the blades before shipping...
  20. eddie

    RAF Track adjustment ?

    The RAF manuel says that by moving the Hub Bar with the cord wise adjustment,(L or R in between the towers) the tracking of the blades will be affected and can be used to correct the track as much as 1 to 1 1/2 inch. How is that possible. I have thought the cord wise adjustment is to...