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    Meet us at PRA convention 2014

    Visit us at PRA convention 2014. We invite you to Mentone Indiana to meet us from 5 to 9 of August. We will be there with our dealer, Mike Bantum, to answer all your questions and to present you the newest gyroplanes, the TERCEL and the TWISTAIR.
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    New rotors and rotor blades

    We are in the process of developing new rotors for gyroplanes. Two new profiles 9H12 MODIFIED and ILW-LT-11.0 were prepared in cooperation with Institute of Aviation in Warsaw within the joined project Modern Autorotative Rotor. The first complete rotors with aluminium extruded blades have been...
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    New biological crop protection season starts

    We have just started another season of biological crop protection in corn plantations. We introduce by air, the eggs Trichogramma evanescens, a tiny wasp, a parasite of the corn borer. Due to increasing demand, this year we are flying two ZEN1 gyroplanes prepared for this task.
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    We deliver - to Germany

    The owner of white TERCEL came from Germany to pick up his gyro. He is on his two day flight to Munich via Miroslawice and Czech Kolin.
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    TERCEL flight testing

    We have started the flight tests and building flight time for the German certificate with the first unit D-MTCL. At the same time we are in the process of registration (VVZ) by DULV of the second unit, the D-MTRS. Flying the two TERCEL simultaneously will significantly speed up the process...
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    Low pass at Chopin International Airport in Warsaw

    Last Saturday together with our friends we organized a low pass at International Chopin airport in Warsaw. Guest of honour was first gyrocopter registered in Poland SP-XENA owned and piloted by Roman Owedyk, who already clocked more than 1100 hours of flight time on his machine. Also first...
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    Trendak TERCEL for terrain scanning

    Together with IGI GmbH from Germany we prepared a TERCEL gyrocopter for professional use. It can be used for laser scanning, photography, photogrammetry and other methods of image collecting. The professional equipment is positioned in lieu of the passenger seat, and the pilot seat remains on...
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    Production in Kazakhstan continues

    Production in Kazakhstan continues, another Trendak gyroplane leaves the assembly plant. Colour chosen by a customer, first of this kind in our production line.
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    Distinction of Mr. Alojzy "Alek" Dernbach

    On May 2nd, during the celebration of the Flag Day Polish President Mr. Bronisław Komorowski honoured 23 people deserved for Polish aviation. One of them was Alojzy Dernbach powered hang-glider world Champion, our long time partner and supplier, instructor and friend. Alek is one of the founder...
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    Forest pest protection

    We have started test spraying on oak forests from the gyrocopter against Winter Moth (Operophtera Brumanta L) and other insects. The project is a joint venture with the Forest Research Institute.
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    Another Trendak gyroplane delivered to China

    We delivered another gyroplane to our customers in China. This time to Chengdu, formerly transliterated as Chengtu, the capital of Sichuan province in Southwest China. Some images of the introduction of the machine to local authorities and potential further customers.
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    TWISTAIR production starts

    We have started serial production of Twistair gyrocopter. We prepare one of the first models for a special order with the Rotax 912 iS engine. The certification process for the 560kg MTOW is moving forward, we will inform about the progress.
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    Trendak Trooper

    We have presented our newest gyroplane model – the Trooper, at Aero Friedrichshafen fair. Based on the Twistair platform, the Trooper is designed mostly for military and paramilitary usage. It is a three-seater with pilot positioned centrally in front, and two troop members sitting behind him...
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    Trendak gyroplanes in China

    A few nice pictures of our gyroplanes assembled in China flying over the factory airfield. This is a brand new settlement and industrial centre, with an airfield on the lake shore, a water landing strip on the lake and tribunes for 10.000 viewers, all prepared for air shows. The neighbourhood...
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    TERCEL German Permit to Fly

    We are proud to announce, that our newest model, the TERCEL, has obtained the Permit to Fly (VVZ) from the German Civil Aviation Authority. You can see the D-MTCL at AERO 2014 in Friedrichshafen already on Wednesday. We hope to complete all the necessary test flights within few months and...
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    TERCEL at Sun'n'Fun

    We invite you to Sun ‘n Fun Florida from 1st to 6th of April where we present our newest product – TERCEL gyrocopter. Our booth is located in Chopper Town. You will meet there our dealer Mike Bantum and till the 3rd of April Artur Trendak also will be there waiting for you to answer all your...
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    Trendak new assembly plant in China

    Trendak/Son have just opened the new assembly plant in China. The gyroplanes delivered from the mother factory in Poland as kits will be assembled there for the Chinese and Far East markets.
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    Meet us at Bensen Days and Sun'n'Fun

    Our agent for US, Mike Bantum shall be present at Bensen Days with the owner of the recently delivered new TERCEL gyroplane. He will be also at Sun'n'Fun joined by Artur Trendak. We will be happy to meet any and all of you interested in our new machines. Artur will be staying only the first...
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    Trendak & Son new agent in Germany

    We our proud to inform, that the company Gyrocopter24, belonging to Christian "SixPack" Ried became our distributor in the South part of Germany. Christian will take the delivery of his demo TERCEL machine at the AERO 2014 in Friedrichshafen next month. We are happy to have Christian on board...
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    Introducing Trendak TAURUS

    TAURUS - multipurpose gyro It is a bigger brother of TERCEL. It has got three seats in 1 + 2 configuration. You can add very easily a special designed equipment such as spraying kit or Trichogramma introduction kit to that gyrocopter. You can configure it as you wish for your individual...