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    Phenix - It flies.

    Just in case you would not know yet, the Phenix prototype started its flight trials on December 11, 2009. Pro memoria, the Phenix is a very comfortable side-by-side 2 seater tractive gyro, first presented during Aero 09 in April. After a few fiddlings and adjustments, all went like a charm...
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    Phenix tractor Gyro / Website

    Hello everyone For those of you interested, the Phenix, a new very roomy tractor gyro, manufactured in Spain, has now its website open: Fron this website, you can access the specific forums (you need to register first by clicking on "s'inscrire"). It only contains presently...
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    Joining the Forum

    Hi all... Presenting, as a time to time reader of this forum. Alain, 56, French living in Switzerland, flying on a Futura, and as well distributor of this gyro in a few countries. I started to train 6 years ago on a Magni M19 (the prototype), flew M14 and M16, and expect to pass final...