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    Sport Copter - New Voice

    Welcome aboard Trenna.After spending nearly 6 wks at the factory I must echo Feedpro's assessment but he omitted one most important point--you all are most DOG FRIENDLY and Jack and Jill were most appreciative! We lost Jack at El Mirage last year at the Freedom Fly In- believe the coyotes...
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    Accident details.

    Ben, if you want a good 4 place FW check my baron out. Low time engines and airframe. See current trade a plane. Walt
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    Accident details.

    Just learned of your crash today--thank God you made it thru unscathed. Believe Jim will be proud of the crash worthiness of his design. I was looking forward to doing the Gila River Run again with you with the pylon turns around the mesquites at 20 ft! Work on your fix wing for now but coming...
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    Sold the Helicycle

    Todd, With out a doubt the Duke is the best looking of all the Beech twins. Did you trade the Baron on the Duke or sell it outright? I've been flying my baron since 1973 but realize I will need to sell it as old man age stalks me! definitely a sad realization. Still have my medical and won't...
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    Hi Mark, Will you make El Mirage? I plan to.

    Hi Mark, Will you make El Mirage? I plan to.
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    Wanted RAF fuel tank

    I will forward this info to Cal who will. Contact you directly. Thanks Stan and Mike.
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    Wanted RAF fuel tank

    I'm trying to help my friend locate a fuel tank. please email particulars to [email protected] Thanks for the help.
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    Transitioning from FW to Gyro

    FW training will help ion doing your gyro rating. Just make sure it includes a tail wheel sign off, then you will know. What the rudders are for! Most important in the gyro!
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    Air Command RollOver

    Birdy, Would you have any concern stomping the rudder at low AS to regain a headwind might result in adverse yaw roll coupling with resultant loss of all rotor control?
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    Air Command RollOver

    Vance, Your comment on lowering the nose with increased throttle in a low airspeed situation is spot on. I don't consider it counterintuitive. I believe it is Airmanship 101.
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    Research report on slips in a gyro

    Chris, This is one of the most informative, best post backed by instrumented flight data to ever appear on this. Forum! Training is the key word. We are indebted to you..
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    Teeter Bolt

    Sportcopter Vortex recommends 15-20 ft/lbs torque on the teeter bolt. I don't recall any recommendation from RAF Canada.
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    Gyroplanes for back country flying?

    Karl, thanks for the help. I have to smile when the conversation gets around to " balancing on the mains" on t/o as when the nose comes up and full pwr applied, this lasts for no more than 1-2 sec and you better be quick to get the cyclic forward!
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    Gyroplanes for back country flying?

    Feedpro, could you explain your technique to break ground in 50ft with your M912. I know Jim does it in even less. We are flying pretty much identical machines but my T/O runs are closer to 150 ft. What do you prerotate to? Do you start your T/O roll with the P/R engaged? Do you go to full ERPM...
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    Party time....

    Steve, Keep your hat in your hand and remember your Southern manners! After all, you just won life's lottery!
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    Vacation ideas for anniversary.

    Ben, Other than Cape Buff or Elephant, not sure what you would use the 470 Nitro for, and for sure, both of these are way out of the 5K limit! OTOH, a photo Safari to Krueger Nat'l Park (SA) would fit the budget and you will see plenty of critters up close ans personal!
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    Accident details from AZ

    Jon, thanks for the comments on Kevin's post. As you may recall, I am the proud possessor of a pair of these gold Sport Copter Wings that Jim presented to me on completion of this course on recovery from unusual attitudes. I was afraid that mentioning it on the forum might bring unjust...
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    Accident details from AZ

    It should be kept in mind that there are many fatal medical conditions not discoverable on autopsy. For example an electrical event such as ventricular fibrillation where the heart rate suddenly goes to a speed that no blood is circulated resulting in a rapid loss of concsiousness and death.
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    I Need training in South AZ

    Might try Dolfin Fitts (FL). He trains in all machines, will furnish gyro and comes to your hanger!!
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    Subaru fuel injection computer wanted

    Brock, Eddie, Stan and all others, Thank you for the response. Stan and Brock, if $60. + shipping works with each of you its a deal. Contact me by e mail and we will work out the details. I recently built a Sport Copter 912 Vortex and am considering putting my RAF up for sale. It won't hurt to...