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    Monarch Buttery with G-Force For Sale

    VIDEO OF MY GYRO FLYING! FOR SALE - $17,500 I regret that I have crossed this road. As you all know, I have been wrestling with selling my beautiful gyro that I built from the ground up, very meticulously I must add, for the last 4+ years. I...
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    Please don't fool around with Sandy!!!!

    As a casual observer and a whopping 2 hour student, I would hate to read about another ground incident and gusty winds. I don't want to read about someone balling up their machine or themselves. I know it's tempting to get out there and try and duplicate those cool videos where the guys are...
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    New Private Pilot On Board!

    I have written this for the "non-pilot" as I know there are a lot of lurkers out there that enjoy reading. So forgive my basic story telling to the experienced. I for one, was just a student yesterday and will continue to be a student for life.... So, the winds were calm and the sky was...
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    Well, look what is on Ebay @ $6500

    Wasn't there a whole thread on here somewhere about this gyro, hurt feelings, and people being jerks? This looked like it, but I may be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time and it definitely won't be the last! This may be a GREAT deal for someone - you decide. If I remember correctly it is...
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    New Butterfly Takes Flight Labor Day!

    Labor Day was a big day for me. My friend Iven came up to Dalton and test flew my gyrocopter for its first flight. The camera operator (me) is terrible and the video editor (me) is even worse. It was very exciting for me watching something I built actually fly, and fly very well. I could not...
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    Butterfly is airworthy, pilot not!

    Good news! The DAR came by yesterday and inspected and passed my Butterfly build. It is now airworthy. However, I am NOT. :violin: I'm working on that. I am trying to finish up my PPL and then will move on to my rotorcraft rating hopefully this fall. Right now, I am up past my head in work...
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    Weight & Balance?

    Hey everyone - I am nearing my build (really, I am!) and my DAR would like me to complete a weight and balance on my Monarch Butterfly. I have all other paperwork, notarizations, and forms completed....I think. I have even done my hang test. I am about to go out to my garage and weigh her...
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    Anyone Able To Do An Airworthiness On a Butterfly?

    Hello- I have a Monarch Butterfly that is about ready to go....just attach the rotorblades which I have in the crate next to it. I was wondering if anyone might be passing through to Benson Days that might veer off I75 for 5 minutes to my house. I will be at Benson days but I'd rather not tow...
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    What do you think of these helmets?

    I am looking for a full-face helmet for my Butterfly Gyro. I am used to full-face from riding motorcycles and I would rather have the full face and wind protection they offer. Does anyone have suggestions? This is what I've come up with so far...
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    582 coolant "tee" bottle wanted

    Looks like the coolant expansion tank with the tee bottom for my 582 has a small slit in the neck. Anyone have a good spare? I'll trade you for cash :) Thank you. Bob
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    DVD - Helicopter is Born - Mark Evans

    Hello all - FYI I posted a great dvd on Ebay for sale. Item #260351811474. I'll post a link: Please keep in mind that it played in my old laptop just fine, but NOT in my even older TV/DVD player...
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    Snap On Digital Torque Wrench - NEW

    Long story, but I now have three torque wrenches. I am keeping two and selling the coolest one since it is BRAND NEW. It is an ED1050 and is calibrated for 5-50 INCH / POUNDS. This works well for all AN3 and AN4 bolts. Perfect for engine work. The Snap-On link...