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  1. Rotorhead

    Any Dominator builders current or future

    Has anyone sourced motor mount isolation bushings for 500 series Rotax ?
  2. Rotorhead

    Spring cleaning

    For Sale 3DRV ultralight – new construction been sitting in the corner for awhile, 503 DC CDI, rebuilt Bensen rotorhead,Tennessee prop 60x40, Needs rigging, instruments and has no blades. $5000 OBO needs good home Pitbull - New construction 503 dc complete factory kit most of the work...
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    Hello Everyone I know some of you may have been trying contact us for sometime now I apologize for not doing this, sooner, many web pages are carrying incorrect contact information. In the Kansas City area, back in the eighties we combined chapter 61- 67 into one group. We were operating...
  4. Rotorhead

    Air command Tubes

    I'm replacing some of my damaged tubes and hardware for repainting if you have old tubes I would like to knock out the old insta-bushings prefer the old style you can use them over and over prefer the older 1.5 washers as well * need 1 axle tube have big dent in mine * need tail * older...
  5. Rotorhead

    Quick Trip Gas

    I was at the Quick Trip the other day filling my cans, flipped out my non-intrinsic Blackberry and snapped this photo. Lawyers are winning:sad:
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    Gyro Erector Set

    My Gyro Erector Set I lost one of my barns in resent storm, and need to reduce my Air Force. I can only fly one at a time anyway. Based on the 3DRV in standard configuration has 6” offset, current plates shown are 16” offset like a Dominator, can also be adjusted to 12” like Air Command...
  7. Rotorhead

    AC side by side parts

    Lookin for pedal assembly primarily for Air Command side by side and anything else you may have Thanks
  8. Rotorhead

    Gyro Projects

    For Sale Air Command - high command upgrade, complete has folding mast all standard equipment, 532 power ready for instruments, radiator and wiring, 23’ skywheels blades. $7200 OBO 3DRV – new construction, 503 single CDI, rebuilt Bensen rotorhead, Tennessee prop, needs rigging, instruments...
  9. Rotorhead

    4130 Control Rod

    We had this discussion sometime ago on Norms forum, and couldn’t always keep up with the discussion so I’m trying again. Using 4130 for control rods, I weld this set up trying to keep the craft an Ultralight. I used ¾ X .035 for the body and 7/8 X .058 and threaded Tube Adapters from Chassis...
  10. Rotorhead

    Forks and Fork offset

    When I attended Shelbyville fly-in last September, I fielded allot questions About the method I used to forum the ends for the engine mount down struts and the caster front end on my dominator. I’m kind of a perfectionist by nature so it’s hard for me to leave well enough alone, I’m...