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    Vance Triple Crown winner?

    Vance I know you don't post here because you have nothing better to do. I value your well reasoned, logical and enthusiastic contributions to this community and read them all. I just happened to be cruising the Members Section of the forum and noticed that on the Notable Members list you are...
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    New Rotary Engine ????

    I just found the website for a UK company called Advanced Innovative Engineering that has been working on single rotor Wankel style engines for autonomous craft applications. Harking back to Norton Motorcycle's design for a rotary engine they seem to have focused their efforts on cooling the...
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    Gyro Technic website is now up.

    For those that have been following Denis Schoemaker's march to market of his Gyro Technic single place gyro you'll be glad to know his website in now up and running. I wonder if they don't deserve their own place in the brand category here on the forum. I think they...
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    Is this yet another new design coming onto the world market. I see elements of design from the Arrowcopter.
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    Aviomania Genesis anything new?

    Its been quiet on the Aviomania front for several months and the website reports it's being revamped and thus only has limited information. We haven't heard from Nicolas in awhile and I'm certain he is very busy. I was just wondering if there is anything new to report. John care to comment?
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    Spinwing-- a new design?

    Just saw this on PRA Facebook recently and wondered if anyone knew more about it. Clean and simple. Website
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    Your going to want one of these

    While it doesn't fly, thought the folks here would appreciate the practicality and fun factor.
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    No more HKS 700E

    It appears that as of March 2014 the manufacturer has discontinued the production of their 2 cylinder 4 stroke engine air cooled engine. While I think they made more of a place in the ultralight fixed wing trike and PPC markets, I always thought that that engine would be a good reliable choice...
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    Dynamic Rollover

    Just thought this news report should be referenced here for educational purposes. Unfortunately a spectator was killed by debris and a couple others injured. I was stunned by how quickly it happened...
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    Mad piloting skills

    There is no indication and in his humility I wouldn't expect him to admit it, but I think this is Stan piloting that helo.
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    Hirobo HX-1

    With a development budget of $125,000,000 somebody sure is serious about the market for a little one seat electric coaxial helicopter.
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    Ford 3 cylinder 1.0 liter

    This engine has been talked about for a while just not here. Could this be a contender for consideration as an auto coversion option for experimentals? As the auto industry evolves its products for small size and high fuel efficiency the experimental aviation world should have lots to talk...
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    Stan needs one of these

    This is a "for what it's worth" submission. But I thought of Stan when I saw it. Pretty cool little design.
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    Don't forget the tiedowns

    Thought you might get a kick out of this.
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    OK Stan This One is for you

    Here is the challenge. Start with 11 nails. Drive one into a board and then balance the remaining 10 on the head of the first. Even if you know the solution the video is quite entertaining. Fun with nails - or - how to win a beer! - YouTube Enjoy
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    Drilling Square holes

    Thought you guys might enjoy this.
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    Next chapter of the Honeybee G2

    For those interested, Jim Fields has released some renderings of the enclosure for the single and two place HBG2 Here is the link to his blog Let the critique begin.
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    Finally the debate is settled

    Witnesses overheard a discussion about centerline thrust before the video was started. Fat kid fights back ( on Vimeo
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    Low thrust line and no HS

    Bear with me folks I can't stay off this video website. So here is the next must see.
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    You out of the box thinkers will appreciate this I wonder what Honda could do if they set their mind to designing a rotorcraft.