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    Weight of a main gear wheel assembly?

    Does anyone know the weight of a typical main gear wheel assembly for the ultralight version of a Gyrobee? No brakes, no axle, just the wheel and tire ready to mount. Thank you, Ken
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    Bimodal Nose Wheel

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    Discovered Light Sport Aircraft

    Just went out to Glass Cockpit Aviation to look around and see what is what. Cammie talked to me for half an hour. I learned about Light Sport Aircraft today. Her rate for training is $200 an hour. Wow. When I solo'ed in 1972 in a 152 it was $34 an hour, wet. The reason I was thinking...
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    GyroShark Tail

    Howdy, As mentioned before I'm doing research on building a Gyrobee in 2017. One of the parts of a Gyrobee that is often changed from what Ralph used is the tail. I'm interested in doing a foam and glass tail section since I already know this technology, and if done well is very strong, light...
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    Any Active Builds

    Howdy, New here and will build an ultralight Gyrobee or variant within two years. I'm doing my due diligence research now. I have been devouring the build threads. There have been some great ones. Are there any active builds going on now? Is Taggart's Gyrobee version 50 still the latest...